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Juan McOso, our Mexican polar bear friend, says, "Ask me anything, anything at all!" He will do his best to answer your queries about COTWWSB, this site, or the world in general.

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Where the hell are you!?
Juan has not responded to this question yet.

Why do peen's look like mushrooms?
This question makes no sense. Who is peen? What does peen own that looks like mushrooms? I cannot answer until I get all the info. (Or you learn about proper apostrophe usage.)

How does it feel to be back?
It feels fantastico! Thank you for asking, amigo.

Do you like to lick things? I do.
Is it flavored with Jose Cuervo? If so, then yes.

If you were a banana, would you be yellow, green, or brown?
I can be whatever color you'd like, baby.

What is the best game you can name?
It's the good old hockey game.

Why are all the boy whores in Canada?
Well, hockey players have to find some kind of work in the off-season.

What is your opinion of the Spider-Man 3 OST?
If you mean the soundtrack as in the score that was composed for the movie, I think it was quite unfortunate. If you mean the soundtrack as in the actual soundtrack CD, I think some of the songs are good but it's not really my kind of music. I always like songs about Spider-Man so the Flaming Lips song is good. That Snow Patrol song is a winner. I actually thought it made the movie better! And of course, Snow Patrol is one of my favourite bands. They dedicated their first album to my people.

If you could be any other type of bear, what would you choose to be and why?
I would not want to be any other type of bear. Polar bears are the most majestic and beloved of all bears, and I am insulted that you could ever think I might wish to change my glorious form. However, since you asked, I think the Kodiak bear is the smallest step down. From what I understand, Kodiaks are also among the least endangered bears and since we polar bears are now facing extinction thanks to you stupid humans, that would be a bonus. If I wanted to change, which I don't.

Who made your hat?
As I've written before, this hat is hand-crafted and one of a kind, so I presume it was made by someone with hands.

Will you save the last dance for me?

Have you read Harry Potter Book 7 yet?!1
Of course I have, you silly person! Do you think I wanted someone to tell me the ending?? I read it right away to avoid being spoiled. The best part was when you saw the ghosts of Voldemort, Dumbledore, and Grindelwald all watching the big celebration after the house elves helped blow up Voldemort's Death Star, and Voldemort didn't look all snakey, he looked like Tom Riddle again. I thought that was genius.

Should I buy a Magic 8 Ball?
Why would you need to when you have me? Ask me anything, baby.

Did you sink my battleship?
I suggest you ask Hoppy about that. After all, she is dirty.

Do you think you have the ability to play Spider-man in Spider-Man 4?
I could probably play Spidey ... no one will ever be as good as Tobey, of course, but I would look good in tights, and Spider-Man would rock the sombrero. Really, though, I think I'd make a better villain, or possibly a hilarious animal sidekick. Until that happens, watch for me as Iorek in The Golden Compass, opening this December.

Are you excited about the release of Spider-Man 3?
No. I am actually certain it will suck. A lot. I am counting down the days. It's going to be the best movie ever made. Also, I love me some Tobey.

Re: Do the cavemen have clubs? No. But they do have fire.
Hey now, if the cavemen have fire, do the astronauts have fire? Is fire a weapon?

Re: Do the astronauts have weapons? No.
Do the cavemen have clubs?

Who would win - Cavemen or Astronauts?
Do the astronauts have weapons?

Juan, how do you feel about pulling Leo away from Tobey? You should be ashamed!
It breaks my heart, and yet ... I can't help myself. But I will state for the record that I am pro-Tobinardo.

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