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Juan McOso, our Mexican polar bear friend, says, "Ask me anything, anything at all!" He will do his best to answer your queries about COTWWSB, this site, or the world in general.

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Which is the sexiest husband (except you, of course)?
I would say Jude, because he is hairy. Like a bear.

¿Tu gusta hamburguesas?
¡Si, con muchas cervezas!

Whatcha gonna do you if I say SpiderNOHYPHENman SPIDERNOHYPHENMAN? *runs away*
Bat you around with my paws.

What are your thoughts on the current state of Lost?
I'm getting far too little screen time.

If you could be any other type of bear, what would you be?
There are no other types of bears.

what is cerveza?
Water. And life.

what are you?
Greatness in the form of a majestic beast.

What are your thoughts on peen?
I think you should ask Brandon.

Is cheese your favorite color?
I think you should know that cheese is not a color. I do, however, prefer orange cheese.

Are you as clean as Morgan?
No one is as clean as Morgan. No one.

Can you give me a jar of mosquitoes please?
COTWWSB's official policy on mosquitoes is that they are an entirely useless species and should be wiped out. Therefore, we can only provide you with a jar of mosquitoes if you sign an oath stating that you will not use them for breeding purposes.

Oo-ho, chi-i-hild are thing gonna get easier?
Only with cerveza.

I love you.
Juan does not understand this question and won't to respond to it.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
3 metric tonnes.

Do you shower with a shower belt or do you put it on immediately after showering? If not, why? And if you do, WHY?
I do shower with a shower belt, but I remove it immediately after showering. Outside of the shower, I'm 100% belt-free, baby!

Will you meet with me under a full moon, my love?
It depends... are you a sexy and single female polar bear?

If I eat you, will I become you?
Only if you are very lucky.

Did you really hate Serenity? *weeps*
No, I had been smoking much crack when I said I hated the movie and Joss is lame. I take it all back! The movie r0x0rs and Joss is god-like.

Do you get a say in who receives a Bonana?
No, I'm generally too drunk on cerveza to make an honest decision.

Did you enjoy Serenity?
No. No, I am completely lacking in taste, and therefore I hated this movie. That Joss Whedon guy is lame.

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