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Juan McOso, our Mexican polar bear friend, says, "Ask me anything, anything at all!" He will do his best to answer your queries about COTWWSB, this site, or the world in general.

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What did you think of the film 'Polar Opposites'?
It wasn't as good as The Polar Bear. I do enjoy a good Tobwan movie.

What is the meaning of life?

Have you been mating with dogs?
Good lord no!

Who is the sexiest member of COTWWSB?
Do I count? Because I should.

why does brandon stalk the ghostship girl!? Geez Brandon!
Juan does not like this question and won't to respond to it.

Please describe your daily routine, Juan McOso.
I wake myself up around noon with a cold cerveza. If I'm feeling energetic I may do a bit of Salsa dancing, otherwise I watch soaps. On Wednesdays I take a cooking class at the community center. At night I have home-cooked meal and another cerveza, after which I hit the hay. Literally - I sleep on a pile of hay.

Do I want to sex COTWWSB?
Very much so.

Why is Coolie so pervy? :(
Too much cerveza.

When was the last time Julie took a shower?
Juan does not like this question and won't to respond to it.

I want a hat like yours, where can I get one?
This hat is hand-crafted, baby. One of a kind.

Will you make sweet sweet love to me?
You name the place and time and I'll be there, baby.

I like your hat.
That's not a question, but thank you.

Who are you, Juan McOso?
I'm a party-loving polar bear always looking for a good time. You might know my cousin, Juwan McBear.

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