The Glorious Bonana Award

Who is Bono? Lead singer of the greatest band in the world (aka U2), activist, promoter of world peace, lover of all humanity, style icon (the shades! those fly suits! that mullet!), and champion talker. Who is Eric Bana? An actor, probably best-known for playing Hector in Troy and Bruce Banner in The Hulk and being very hot while doing so; also known but not as well for being a comedian who had his own television show in Australia. They are also two of COTWWSB's favourite people, and they have great names that merge well.

The Bonana Award is a very prestigious award that the owners of bestow upon sites which we feel promote the qualities embodied by both Bono and Bana. This is a difficult feat to achieve. The recipient site must not only be aesthetically pleasing (like Bana) and possibly stylistically original (like Bono), but must also feature a good amount of interesting content that is of a high quality (since Bono and Bana both consistently produce quality work). We tend to favour sites with at least some silly or funny content (since Bana is famous for his humour), and the content must also be well-written or uniquely expressed (since Bono is such a great writer, speaker, and communicator). Perhaps most importantly, the site must be made with love; that is, we should be able to tell from looking at the site that its owner really cares about it, because Bono always puts his whole heart into his projects. Finally, the site must promote world peace, or at least not work against it in any way.

It's probable that not many sites will meet this very high standard, so the owners of have decided not to commit to giving out a Bonana every month (also we are sometimes lazy); rather, we will bestow the Bonana on whatever sites strike us, whenever we feel like it. One thing we do guarantee: the sites we pick will be fantabulous, and definitely worth a visit.

Featured Bonana Award Winner

The featured Bonana, awarded on July 19, 2009, goes to COTWWSB of This is truly the most glorious website ever and we can't think of a more deserving recipient of the illustrious Bonana Award.

The Bonana Award

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