COTWWSB Literary Endeavours

Original Works

Wonderful stories, poems, and other literary gems written for you by COTWWSB members.

Another Huge Mistake
GOB tries to impress a mysterious woman by the banana stand. The first ever Goblyria fic. I'll wager. By Meaghan.

Don't Annoy the Spiders
Life imitates art for Tobey Maguire. By Meaghan.

Faramir Buys Some Sneakers
Faramir (from the Lord of the Rings) needs new shoes. Written by Holly, inspired by Meaghan.

How I, Marissa, Got Bigger Boobs
Marissa Cooper, from The O.C., writes her college essay. Written by Morgan.

Ode to an Icon, Failed
COTWWSB once had a challenge amongst ourselves to make the worst possible Orlando Fangirl Icons. Meaghan promised to write an ode for the winner of this contest. She kept her word. This is her ode to Bonster's hideous icon, based on John Keats's Ode to a Nightingale. I'm sure Keats is rolling over in his grave.

Pickle Lust
Chad Michael Murray loves pickles. Possibly the most disgusting drabble ever, by Julie. Fun fact: replace "Chad Michael Murray" with "Bonster," and this is pretty much her life story!

Sneezing Fiction and Poetry
Short sneezing fics and drabbles; our attempt to cater to some of the stranger keyword search hits has received.

The Day Mark Spiderman Sneezed
Catering to googlers yet again: a search for "spiderman sneeze fic" brought someone here. Obviously, this person could not have been looking for stories about Spider-Man sneezing.

The Origin of The Spider-Geek
This story provides information regarding three separate Google keyword searches that lead to "arctic Meaghan," "Meaghan powers," and "origin of Meaghan."

The Otto Man and the Sea - Part One
Pandering to Google searches with a tale about the life of one Otto Octavius. Written by Meaghan.

The Patron Saint of Liars and Fakes
Since their meeting in 1961 and throughout the course of their 43 year relationship, Barbie has to deal with Ken's romantic entanglements with other men. Written by Morgan.

Tobey, oh Tobey
An ode to the weight changes in Tobey Maguire. By Morgan.

Computer-Assisted Works

Wonderful stories, poems, and other literary gems generated for you by COTWWSB members.

A Square Day To Run
Contains the best Drabble Matic quote ever. Generated by Holly.

Ghoulishly Tripping
Farscape slash (Crichton/Scorpius) written by Meaghan ... with a lot of assistance from Drabble-Matic. heheh.

I Saw Logan Kissing Santa Claus
Michael Scofield and Logan Echolls celebrate Christmas....with Santa. Written by Drabble Matic.

Mal and Inara
A Shakespearean based Mal and Inara play. From Drabble-Matic.

The Adventure Of The Elk
Harry and Draco go for a romantic walk. Written by Drabble Matic.

The Long Terror Of The Snow
A romantic story about Julie and Angel building a snow polar bear. Written by Drabble-Matic (and Brandon).

The Miracle Of The Horse
A romantic Christmas story about Meaghan and Tobey Maguire, written by Drabble-Matic (with a little help from Julie).

The Sexy Terror of the Snow
Michael Scofield meets Logan Echolls and quickly falls in love. (Thank Drabble Matic for the title and story.)

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