Sneezing Fiction and Poetry

Short sneezing fics and drabbles; our attempt to cater to some of the stranger keyword search hits has received.

Josh Holloway Sneezing
By Morgan.

While walking to the car from the front door of his Hawaiian home, actor Josh Holloway noticed a slight breeze. As he stepped a bit further, some dust from his unwashed car blew up, causing him to sneeze. The end.

Spider-Man Sneezing
By Morgan.

Turning away from his beloved Mary Jane, Spider-Man quickly lifted his mask just above his nose and covering it with his other hand, let out a glorious and liberating sneeze.

Mark Spiderman Sneezing (a drabble)
By Julie and Bonster.

Mark Spiderman stepped outside to greet a brilliant April morning. The sun shone brightly, and the birds chirped in the trees. A light breeze carried the invigorating scents of freshly cut grass and flourishing flowers. He breathed deeply, savoring the sweet fragrance of springtime.

Suddenly, he felt a tickle in his nose. His body tingling with anticipation, he felt what can only be described as a pure nirvana state approaching rapidly. A glow made of gloriousness enveloped each of his senses. He closed his eyes and made ready for the onslaught of bliss and satisfaction.

He sneezed. And was complete.

Sneezing in the O.C.
By Julie.

Warning: Character Death

Marissa wanted to feel numb, to make her body match her mood. To feel nothing at all. This is why she took ten little white prescription pain pills from a bottle in her mother's purse. She lay on her bed, light-headed and weak, but Marissa was not entirely numb from the pills. She felt a sharp tingle in her nose. A tingle that would not go away, and in fact only grew stronger, until finally she inhaled sharply and sneezed, the force of it shaking her limp body like a rag doll. She sneezed again, and again, and again. Using what little strength she had left, she reached out and grabbed the bottle of pills. Side effects may include sneezing fits. She tossed the bottle to the floor, sneezed one final time, and died.

Swab My Decks
By Morgan.

Dedicated to Bonster.

Captain Jack Sparrow walked along the deck of the Pearl, surveying the horizon before him. As he was about to turn to face Mr. Gibbs, Jack noticed a change in the wind. The Pearl's sails quivered with a strong gust of wind. Noticing that his crew had failed to properly swab the deck of the Pearl, Jack muttered a curse. Normally, he wouldn't care if there was dust on his ship, but it was spring and his nose wouldn't react kindly. Staggering towards the front of the ship, Jack felt his nose begin to tingle. Without diverting his head or trying to cover his nose, Jack began to sneeze uncontrollably. Pintel and Ragetti simply stood in front of their captain, waving and smiling in hopes in gaining favor. The End.

Releasing the Tingle
By Julie.

I open my eyes
awake from a doze
a tingling sensation
grows in my nose
I take a deep breath
the tingling flows
down my spine
to the tips of my toes
I sneeze, I recline
I reclaim my repose

Unusual Perfume
By Morgan.

Ron Weasley climbed the stairs of the Burrow. Two weeks since the war had ended, he'd found the cramped spaces of his family home comforting after being away for so long. As he reached the top step before making his way to his bedroom, he felt a tingling in his nose. Bringing his hand to his face, Ron let out a violent sneeze, his knee jerking upward with the force. He looked up to see Hermione Granger in front of him.

"Bless you, Ron," she smiled.

"Tha-," before Ron could thank her, he began to sneeze again. This was followed by another sneeze and then another and another.

"Ron, are you all right?" Hermione looked at him curiously. "You're not getting ill, are you?"

"I don't think so," he answered between sneezes. Ron sniffed into the air, trying to figure out what was making him sneeze so badly. "Hermione, are you wearing perfume?"

Hermione blushed. "Oh, yes. Um, it's the perfume you gave me for Christmas. Fifth year."

Ron looked down at his shoes, his ears turning red. Not wanting to look at her, he quickly said, "I think I might be allergic to it."

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