Faramir Buys Some Sneakers

Faramir (from the Lord of the Rings) needs new shoes. Written by Holly, inspired by Meaghan.

One day Faramir woke up and got dressed. He was about to put on new shoes but he discovered that they had holes in, and so decided to visit the shoemaker. When he got there, however, the shoemaker was closed but there was a note with directions on how to get new shoes.

He followed them and found himself staring at a door which he had never come across before, even after his many years living in Gondor. Faramir decided to go through it anyway and found himself in a strange place which didn't look like Middle Earth at all.

In this strange new land he came across a display of objects whichs resembled the shoes in his land, although they were strange shapes and not made out of the usual materials. He decided to enter the building and after some comments about his outfit - "Must be one of those Lord of the Rings fanatics" - he asked for a pair of shoes. He tries on many pairs, but there were only one pair that fit. He thanked the person and left.

Faramir went home with his new pink sneakers and amazingly, no one asked where he had got them from.

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