Don't Annoy the Spiders

Life imitates art for Tobey Maguire. By Meaghan.

One day, Tobey Maguire heard a knock on his trailer door. He opened the door to find Sam Raimi.

"Hi Tobey," said Sam. "I just came to remind you that you're meeting the spider wrangler today."

Tobey had forgotten. "Right. Thanks!"

"No problem," answered Sam, walking away. "Don't annoy the spiders!"

"Good advice," said Tobey quietly.

* * * * *

"This one is genetically altered," said the wrangler.

Intrigued, Tobey picked up the spider, then accidentally dropped it. When he picked it up again, the spider bit his hand.

"I annoyed the spider," said Tobey. The wrangler stared.

Nothing would ever be the same.

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