The Patron Saint of Liars and Fakes

Since their meeting in 1961 and throughout the course of their 43 year relationship, Barbie has to deal with Ken's romantic entanglements with other men. Written by Morgan.

1961 - When Barbie Met Ken

Barbara Millicent Roberts paced inside her living room. Wearing her finest dress, her hair done elegantly, she waited for her date to arrive. Blind dates had never been something she'd been fond of. Though she'd never been on one, the very idea did not make her comfortable. However, after some time, Mattel felt that she needed a mate. They'd given her very little information on this man and she did not know what she was supposed to expect. She did know that Mattel had yet to let her down. After all, she was flawless. Last she had checked, her date was still being manufactured and didn't even have a name yet but Barbie trusted the company that had given her life.

Just as a knot began to develop in her stomach she heard a knock on the door of her dream house. Picking up her handbag she opened the door to find a rather handsome, all-American looking man with blonde hair and blue eyes.

He extended his hand to her, in it a small bouquet of flowers. "My name is Ken."

"Hello. I'm Barbie."

"It's a pleasure to meet you. Would you like to have dinner?"

"Of course. We'll take my dream car."

Enjoying the breeze provided in Barbie's pink convertible, Ken didn't seem to notice that they did not hit any red lights on their way to the restaurant.

"I really like the color of your car," he told her as they found a parking spot and made their way to the front door.

"Thank you, it's my favorite color."

"Mine too!" Ken seemed excited by this new development and that he and his date were finding things that they had in common with each other.

Over dinner Barbie did most of the talking. While Mattel had given Ken some history for himself, Barbie's was far more extensive. She told him about growing up in Wisconsin and then moving to New York City. He listened intently to her stories about being a stewardess and seemed particularly interested in hearing about her uniform. She was telling him about her modeling career, which he seemed just as interested in, as they drove home.

As Barbie fell asleep that night, snug in her pink comforter, she felt that once again Mattel had not let her down. She enjoyed Ken's company and was pleased that he seemed very interested in her life. They'd made plans to see a movie in three days and he promised to call her the next morning.

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