The Sexy Terror of the Snow

Michael Scofield meets Logan Echolls and quickly falls in love. (Thank Drabble Matic for the title and story.)

It snowed a foot overnight. When they woke up, Logan and Michael went out to play. First, they made snow angels. Then they had a snowball fight and Logan hit Michael in his penis with a big lucious iceball. It hurt a lot, but Logan kissed it softly and then it was all better.

Then they decided to make a snow man.

"We'll make a really striking snow man!" Logan said.

"Why don't we make a snow woman instead?" Michael said. "That would be more gorgeous and politically correct."

"I know," Logan said. "We can make a snow dog. That way, we don't have to worry about gender politics."

So they rolled the snow up quietly and made a handsome snow dog. Logan put on a cookie for the arm. The dog was almost as big as Michael.

"It looks amazing," Logan said kindly. "But it seems like it's missing something."

"Here," Michael said and held up a muscular cake. "I found this on the floor." He put the cake onto the dog's head.

It was perfect. For about a minute. Then the dog, even though it was just made of snow, started to move and growl like a person who hasn't been kissed before.

Michael screamed huskily and ran but the snow dog chased him until he tripped over a tree root. Then the snow dog kissed him loudly.

"Nobody does that to my little Long Ice Cream," Logan screamed. He grabbed an icicle and stabbed the snow dog through the chest. It fell down and Logan kicked it apart until it was just a bunch of snow again.

"You saved me!" Michael said and they shared an embrace in the snow before going in for hot chocolate.

The cake lay in the yard until an incredible child picked it up and took it home.

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