The Origin of The Spider-Geek

This story provides information regarding three separate Google keyword searches that lead to "arctic Meaghan," "Meaghan powers," and "origin of Meaghan."

In March 2005, Meaghan took a trip to the North Pole to visit Juan McOso and his cousin Juwan McBear. While she was on this arctic trip, she lived in an igloo. Little did she know that her igloo was built on ground that was once used as a testing site for experiments regarding the effect of gamma rays on snow. Unfortunately, the snow blocks she used to build her igloo had in fact been contaminated, and the entire structure was highly radioactive.

One night, she lay in the igloo, watching Spider-Man on her laptop before bed. She wondered what caused the igloo to emit a strange green glow, but assumed it was something to do with the Northern Lights. Suddenly, just as Peter Parker was bitten by the genetically-enhanced spider in the movie, Meaghan felt the ground tremble beneath her. As the igloo collapsed around her, she looked down to see a great gaping hole appear in the snowy surface below her, and before she could find something to grab hold of, she was sent tumbling down into the abyss.

When Meaghan awoke, two days had passed. She found herself in a hospital back home in Ottawa, where the doctors told her over and over that it was a miracle she had ever survived being buried under so much snow, not to mention the massive radiation. Either of these things alone should have been enough to kill her, they said, but somehow she had escaped totally unharmed, as had her laptop and Spider-Man DVD.

It wasn't until a week later that Meaghan understood the full impact of what had happened to her. She was crossing the street on her way to work when she suddenly felt what she could only describe as a tingling sensation on the back of her neck, almost as though she were being watched. She looked around but saw no one; just a Spider-Man poster in the window of a nearby store. "Weird," she said to herself.

Later, walking through a shopping mall, she felt the sensation again. As before, she looked around to see what was causing it. She saw no one suspicious, but she did notice that the music store near where she had been walking when the tingling started was showing Spider-Man 2 on its TV screens. She began to wonder if there was some connection between this strange feeling and her Spider-Man sightings.

The next day on the bus, she once again felt her neck tingle, and could find no source for it other than a story about Sam Raimi that mentioned the possibility of a third Spider-Man film in the newspaper the person seated next to her was reading.

And then Meaghan realized that somehow, the combination of radiation and the Spider-Man DVD must have given her the ability to sense Spider-Man. It was like a sixth sense ... a Spidey Sense. It might not be very exciting as superpowers go, but still: Meaghan decided that she would embrace her gift and, in the true spirit of Spider-Man, she vowed to use her great power with great responsibility. Thus, The Spider-Geek was born.

Oh yeah, and she also has the power to melt frozen things just by looking at them.

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