The Day Mark Spiderman Sneezed

Catering to googlers yet again: a search for "spiderman sneeze fic" brought someone here. Obviously, this person could not have been looking for stories about Spider-Man sneezing.

One day, Mark Spiderman woke up with a funny tingling feeling in his nose. He turned over to look at his wife, who was still asleep.

Mark got up slowly and went into the bathroom. He really wished this tingling in his nose would go away. As he squeezed toothpaste onto his toothbrush, he thought of a song his wife often listened to. He began to sing quietly.

"Caught a lite sneeze ... caught a lite breeze ... caught a lightweight lightning seed ..."

And then just as he was about to start brushing his teeth, the tingling in his nose got a bit worse. Finally, he sneezed.

Then he sneezed again.

And again.

In the next room, his wife had been awakened by the noise. "Mark, are you alright? You haven't got a cold, have you?" she called.

"Nope. Just a lite sneeze!" he answered.

He heard her laugh. "I was dreaming a little dream, myself," she said.

Mark finished brushing his teeth, and when he went back into the bedroom, his wife had returned to her dream.

The End

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