Popular Amongst COTWWSB

A list of our favourite things, compiled from our pages of recommendations. These are the things that roxor the most, because at least five members of the twelve members of COTWWSB agree that they roxor. See?

Our Favourite Albums
The albums we've listened to so many times, we have every note memorized!

Our Favourite Authors
We've read all their books 17 times! Possibly. We would if we could.

Our Favourite Books
Books constantly on at least one of our nightstands, well-worn from multiple readings.

Our Favourite Movies
We've seen them a million times, worn out our DVDs, memorized all the dialogue, etc. Basically, we love them.

Our Favourite Musicians
We've seen them in concert 26 times. We've heard every single song they've ever recorded. Something like that.

Our Favourite TV Shows
The ones we refuse to miss when they air, have every episode on tape, own all the DVDs, have downloaded every episode, etc.

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