The members of Citizens of the World with Shared Brains came together in various ways. We all knew each other (or at least knew of each other) prior to the formation of COTWWSB, and the common factor that brought us together was The Fanlistings Network, where all members of COTWWSB are currently or have formerly been on staff. The origins of COTWWSB can be also be traced back to two separate organizations.

In late 2004, Holly, Hoppy and Loren formed the "ODW" (Olympic Dom Watch), a trio that centered around one thing: actor Dominic Monaghan. Around the same time in February, another group sprang up when Holly, Julie, Meaghan, and Morgan applied together as the Uber!Buffy to adopt the Joss Whedon fanlisting from Emma.

Aside from having Holly in common, these two groups had many overlapping interests and friendships in common. In late February of 2005, an event occurred that we refer to as "The Week of Doom." During that week, some of our members went through a difficult time, but it only served to bring us closer together as friends and create the foundation that would become COTWWSB.

In the time we spent chatting prior to and during The Week of Doom, we noticed that most of us had a tendency to not only agree on things, but to say the same thing at the same time. Whenever an incident like that occurred, we would yell out "SHARED BRAIN!" It was decided that we were apparently many separate people all sharing the same very large (and awesome) brain. As the Week of Doom came to a close, we held a weekend chat with several members of the "Brain," which will most likely go down in history as the crackiest chat ever held. It was in that chat that the name of our organization came to be, and we were from then on known as "Citizens of the World with Shared Brains," to represent the four different countries that the brain currently resides in. Over time, several other friends joined the group and COTWWSB became what it is today.

On April 23rd, 2005 we created the COTWWSB LiveJournal community as a place for members of COTWWSB to post silly graphics, nakey!pics of our spouses, and other general insanity that we wouldn't see fit to be released for public consumption. However, later that year we decided that our general insanity was fit for public consumption and created this website in which to publically house it.

COTWWSB has now been going strong for years, and we've developed many amazing friendships. We all agree that COTWWSB is truly one of the best things to ever exist in the history of time.

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