An Open Letter to Ryan Gosling

Meaghan and Julie want him to know something.


Citizens of the World with Shared Brains

Dear Ryan Gosling,

We just wanted to say that you look smokin' hot with a beard. Without your beard, you are a decent looking man. With it, well ... you are really frickin' hot. Basically, we'd love it if you could please keep your beard, unless you have to shave for a movie or something, like in Half Nelson (which was great, by the way).

Also, we have heard alarming rumours that you and Rachel McAdams have broken up. We don't know for sure whether we believe these rumours, but they are disturbing to say the least. You guys are so cute together and it just seems really wrong that you should be apart. Meaghan is especially distraught by the thought of you having split up. Why, she's not really sure, but it pains her. So, if you have broken up, we really hope you can work it out and reunite. If you haven't broken up, forget we said anything and keep up the good work!

Much love,
Julie and Meaghan
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