Various lists of important information and/or our important opinions.

Bonster's Top Ten Essential Xena Episodes
Bonster's choices for essential Xena ep viewage (in chronological order).

BrandChels TV Show DVD Sets
Brandon and I are dvd set h0rs so here you can gawk at the amount we have and see shared brain in action as we compare the ones we both own.

Buffy Episodes to Avoid
There aren't that many bad Buffy episodes, but here are a few of the worst. List by Bonster, Holly, Julie and Meaghan.

Chelsea's Must Watch Veronica Mars Episodes
Veronica Mars is one of my favorite shows and these were episodes I loved so much that I want to watch them over and over.

COTWWSB Name Combinations
You know those generally atrocious 'shipper names folks are so fond of? Spuffy? LoVe? Spangel? Skate? These are infinitely better, featuring us and our spouses and fandom signifcant others!

Even People Who Roxor Make Crap
It's true. Even the most glorious people on earth can have off days, or off years, or ... off decades. In this list, COTWWSB lists the most unbelievably atrocious works our favourite people have produced.

Five Superheroes We Wouldn't Mind Having as Boyfriends
Because superheroes are hott. (List by Morghatron.)

Holly and Nicole's Favourite Mulder/Scully Moments
Mulder and Scully had the best relationship on tv... ever. This is a list of their best moments, with bonus pictures!

Holly's Best and Worst X-Files Episodes
There were the best of times, and the worst of times. A guide to the episodes to watch, and the ones to avoid. In chronological order.

Julie's Top 5 Favorite Candies
I'm sure there is some fancy pants amazing expensive artisan chocolate that's better than these products. Not the point.

Jutron's Top Ten Funniest Buffy Episodes
Julie and Meaghan's list of the funniest episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (in chronological order).

List o'Boys For Which Bonster Would Ungay
Bonster is gay. But for a few select males (real and fictional), she'd totally ungay so she could hit that.

Meaghan's Cross-Canada Factoids
Here are some pieces of information Meaghan has picked up on her travels around Canada. Did you know that the word "factoid" actually means something that is stated as fact, but is not in fact true? It's a fact.

Meaghan's Favourite Non-Tobey Characters in Tobey Movies
I love all Tobey Maguire's characters on principle, but there are many other great characters in Tobey's movies. These are my ten favourites, in no particular order except for 1 and 2, because they are my absolute favourites.

Meaghan's List of Hockey Players With Great Names
Many hockey players have names that are interesting or fun to say, or lend themselves to awesome nicknames. Here are some of my favourites.

Meaghan's List of Musicians She Has Seen Play Live
Meaghan used to go to a lot of concerts. Here is a list of the people she's seen, or the ones she can remember, anyway.

More Thor
These are our suggestions of titles and concepts for what we envision to be a long-running series of films about Marvel's divine hero Thor and his adorable brother.

Morgan's List of Movies for Meaghan to Watch
Morgan feels that Meaghan should watch more old movies (so that these movies can be added to this list), so she made her a list. Meaghan, having ultimate faith in Morgan's taste in movies, intends to watch all these movies and cross them off here as she does so, in order that Morgan can monitor her progress.

Morghatron's List of Essential Oscar-Nominated Movies
Morghatron (Morgan and Meaghan) have compiled this list of essential movies that either won Academy Awards or were nominated for them before you sit and watch the next Acadamy Awards ceremony!

Morghatron's List of Movies to Avoid
Meaghan and Morgan find that they often agree about movies. Here, rather than the recs section, we're suggesting movies you should avoid!

Nicole's Favorite Super Powers
I love creating my own superheroes. So here is a list of my top 10 favorite super powers.

Song Titles That Should Be One Tree Hill Episode Titles
One Tree Hill uses song titles (sometimes album titles) for their episodes. Here's a list of song titles we think should be used! Mark Schwahn, you are welcome to use them.

Tennis Player List of Hotness
Pretty tennis boys isn't the only reason tennis is fun to watch. But it helps. (List by Holly.)

The Best U.S. President Names to be Used as Penis Nicknames
In chronological order!

The Shared Brain Book Club
To read makes our speaking English good.

The Top 5 People to Blame for the Ottawa Senators' Loss in the 2007 Stanley Cup Final
Other than members of the team, the coaching staff, or management.

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