COTWWSB Name Combinations

You know those generally atrocious 'shipper names folks are so fond of? Spuffy? LoVe? Spangel? Skate? These are infinitely better, featuring us and our spouses and fandom signifcant others!


Bonks - Bonster and Michael Shanks
Chentworth - Chelsea and Wentworth Miller
Dolly - Holly and Dominic Monaghan
Emma-Jartan - Emma-Jane and Michael Vartan
Gamke - Garby and Famke Janssen
Hoppy-Wan - Hoppy and Ewan McGregor
Jullion - Julie and Nathan Fillion
Mode - Morgan and Jude Law
Nana - Nicole and Eric Bana
Penna - Anna and Pete Wentz
Tobeaghan/Toghan/Tobleroo - Meaghan and Tobey Maguire

Fandom Significant Others

Aniano - Anna and Jess Mariano
Bonrina - Bonster and Irina Derevko
Crulie - John Crichton and Julie
Emma-Who - Emma-Jane and Doctor Who
Garbice - Garby and Alice Ayres
Hopchester - Hoppy and Dean Winchester
Hox - Holly and Fox Mulder
Mormon - Morgan and Simon Tam
Logsea - Chelsea and Logan Echolls
Shepole - Nicole and John Sheppard
Spider-Meaghan - Meaghan and Peter Parker aka Spider-Man
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