The Top 5 People to Blame for the Ottawa Senators' Loss in the 2007 Stanley Cup Final

Other than members of the team, the coaching staff, or management.

5. Gary Bettman
(Vertically-challenged commissioner of the National Hockey League.) I am not sure exactly how he did it, but I'm absolutely positive he sabotaged the Sens in some way. Gary Bettman doesn't care about Canadian people. Well Canadian people don't care about him either.

4. Harry Neale
(Hockey commentator.) The CBC ("Canada's" national television network) had Bob Cole and Greg Millen call the Sens' games in the first three rounds of the playoffs. They then sent Harry Neale to call the Final along with Bob and Greg. The Sens were doing just fine before Harry came along. What does that tell you?

3. Alanis Morissette
(Singer-songwriter, anthem performer.) At game 3, Lyndon Slewidge performed the anthems, as he always does at Sens home games. At game 4, the NHL (BETTMAN!!) brought in Alanis to take over the anthem singing duties. The Sens won game 3. They lost game 4. The connection is obvious.

2. Snoop Dogg
(Rapper.) When Snoop played a show in Ottawa with local rapper Belly in January 2006, Ray Emery presented him with a Senators jersey. Snoop, a known Ducks fan, then posed for a photo with Emery while wearing the jersey. Then he showed up at game 2 in Anaheim wearing his Ducks jersey! I ask you!

1. Dominik Hasek
(Detroit Red Wings goaltender.) Not only did he mess up Ottawa's playoff run last year (when he was their goalie!) by injuring his groin during the 2006 Olympics, he also did it again this year by failing to stop the Anaheim Ducks from advancing to the Stanley Cup Final. Good job, Dominator. Really, thanks.
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