Meaghan's Favourite Non-Tobey Characters in Tobey Movies

I love all Tobey Maguire's characters on principle, but there are many other great characters in Tobey's movies. These are my ten favourites, in no particular order except for 1 and 2, because they are my absolute favourites.

Grady Tripp (Wonder Boys) - played by Michael Douglas
Terry Crabtree (Wonder Boys) - played by Robert Downey, Jr.
Daniel Holt (Ride With the Devil) - played by Jeffrey Wright
Mary Jane Watson (Spider-Man Series) - played by Kirsten Dunst
Tom Smith (Seabiscuit) - played by Chris Cooper
Aunt May Parker (Spider-Man Series) - played by Rosemary Harris
J. Jonah Jameson (Spider-Man Series) - played by J.K. Simmons
Sara Gaskell (Wonder Boys) - played by Frances McDormand
Vernon Hardapple (Wonder Boys) - played by Richard Knox
The Orphans (The Cider House Rules) - played by Kieran Culkin and many others

Bonus List: Meaghan's Five Most Hated Non-Tobey Characters in Tobey Movies
I hate them, or possibly love to hate them.

Candy Kendall, please grow a spine (The Cider House Rules) - played by Charlize Theron
Pitt Mackeson, that effing psycho (Ride With the Devil) - played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Janey Carver, you cold, cold bitch (The Ice Storm) - played by Sigourney Weaver
Libbets Casey (The Ice Storm), you are Katie Holmes and you are annoying - played by Katie Holmes
Samuel Riddle, the arrogant bastard (Seabiscuit) - played by Eddie Jones
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