Meaghan's Cross-Canada Factoids

Here are some pieces of information Meaghan has picked up on her travels around Canada. Did you know that the word "factoid" actually means something that is stated as fact, but is not in fact true? It's a fact.

Winnipeg, Manitoba is considered the most dangerous city in Canada. This is because it's overrun by bears.

There is not one single tree in the entire province of Saskatchewan.

Metis leader Louis Riel, who was famously hanged in 1885, had such a big head that he was unable to stand upright.

The city of Calgary takes its name from Cal and Gary, the two gay cowboys who founded it.

Once a year, the Sleeping Giant rock formation in Thunder Bay, Ontario wakes up and stretches.

There is no real danger to drivers from moose. Moose warning signs are posted in Northern Ontario to prevent speeding on the dangerous road around Lake Superior. In fact, the entire moose population of Ontario lives together in a commune near Pickle Lake.

6,435 cities and towns in Ontario have names ending in "wa."

All bodies of water in Ontario, even puddles, are given names. If you spend enough time driving around Ontario, you will find a body of water that shares your name.

There is no sign marking the border between Manitoba and Saskatchewan because the two provinces have been locked in an intense battle over where the border line should be since Saskatchewan became a province in 1905.

There is a town in Alberta where you can buy a magic hat that will cure any ailment.

The fog in Halifax, Nova Scotia gets so thick in the morning that it can be eaten like cotton candy.

As a tribute to Anne of Green Gables, everyone in Prince Edward Island wears a braided red wig on Thursdays.

Thunder Bay has a large Finnish population. Finnish is actually the official language of the city. Very few people there speak English.

The big nickel in Sudbury is over 5,000 feet tall.

The corner of Portage and Main in Winnipeg is the windiest streetcorner in Canada. People are frequently picked up by twisters there, and have landed as far away as Mexico City.

In Regina, it gets so cold at night in the summer that residents frequently have to wear their parkas and toques to bed. In winter, on the other hand, nights are so warm that no one uses blankets.

The Canadian Rockies are actually made of hemp, not rock.

Vancouver law states that there must be at least 5 Asian restaurants per city block.
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