Holly and Nicole's Favourite Mulder/Scully Moments

Mulder and Scully had the best relationship on tv... ever. This is a list of their best moments, with bonus pictures!

1x79 - Pilot
From their first meeting in the basement office, Mulder and Scully had incredibly chemistry.

1x07 - Ice
Putting their trust only in each other, the pair make sure they are not infected with the virus.

2x08 - One Breath
One Breath
Mulder visits Scully in the hospital after she wakes from her coma, and brings her a video - Superstars of the Super Bowl. And then gives her back her gold cross.

4x13 - Memento Mori
Memento Mori
The forehead kiss in the hospital hallway. Simple, but beautiful.

5x04 - Detour
Looking after an injured Mulder while lost in a forest, Scully sings to him to show that she is awake.

5x05 - The Post-Modern Prometheus
The Post-Modern Prometheus
At a Cher concert - where the Great Mutato is having a fantastic time - they dance to Walking in Memphis.

The X-Files: Fight the Future
The X-Files: Fight the Future
Mulder tells Scully that he's better because of her, and they almost kiss in the hallway of Mulder's apartment building. If only the bee hadn't stung Scully...

6x03 - Triangle
After being stuck in the past with "Scully", he tells the real Scully that he loves her, although she doesn't believe him.

6x19 - The Unnatural
The Unnatural
Mulder shows Scully how to play baseball in one of the cutest scenes ever.

7x04 - Millennium
THEir FIRST REAL KISS ON TV!!!!!! That is enough to include this moment.

7x22 - Requiem
In a companion scene to the Pilot, where Scully comes to Mulder's room scared, he comforts her in bed.

9x19 - The Truth
The Truth
The perfect ending to the perfect show. Mulder and Scully lie in a motel room, together, like they always should be.
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