Julie's Top 5 Favorite Candies

I'm sure there is some fancy pants amazing expensive artisan chocolate that's better than these products. Not the point.

1.) Snickers.
The definitive candy bar, in my opinion. The perfect balance of textures and sweet and salty.

2.) Peanut M&Ms
Much tastier than their non-peanut counterparts. Peanut M&Ms are incredibly snacktastic!

3.) Cadbury Fruit & Nut Dark
A smooth dark chocolate bar with raisins and peanuts. So good.

4.) Reese's Pieces
The crack of the candy world! Deliciously sweet and salty.

5.) Mounds
Sometimes you don't feel like a nut. Actually, I enjoy almonds but I prefer Mounds to Almond Joy because Mounds is dark chocolate. Yum yum coconut and dark chocolate!
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