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COTWWSB cares. We care so much, in fact, that we are the founders of many glorious organizations devoted to good causes.

COTWWSB Synchronized Movie Watching Club
The Citizens of the World with Shared Brains Synchronized Movie Watching Club (COTWWSBSMWC) aims to watch a double feature together approximately once a month.

Gangstas of the Hood With Shared Brains
One day, COTWWSB decided to become rappers. This is the story of GOTHWSB. The world is our hood.

Newest Lists

More Thor
These are our suggestions of titles and concepts for what we envision to be a long-running series of films about Marvel's divine hero Thor and his adorable brother.

Song Titles That Should Be One Tree Hill Episode Titles
One Tree Hill uses song titles (sometimes album titles) for their episodes. Here's a list of song titles we think should be used! Mark Schwahn, you are welcome to use them.

Julie's Top 5 Favorite Candies
I'm sure there is some fancy pants amazing expensive artisan chocolate that's better than these products. Not the point.

Newest Fiction

Pickle Lust
Chad Michael Murray loves pickles. Possibly the most disgusting drabble ever, by Julie. Fun fact: replace "Chad Michael Murray" with "Bonster," and this is pretty much her life story!

The Day Mark Spiderman Sneezed
Catering to googlers yet again: a search for "spiderman sneeze fic" brought someone here. Obviously, this person could not have been looking for stories about Spider-Man sneezing.

The Origin of The Spider-Geek
This story provides information regarding three separate Google keyword searches that lead to "arctic Meaghan," "Meaghan powers," and "origin of Meaghan."

Newest Quotes

Julie: every time I see a Hershey bar I think of a whorehouse

Morgan: He has three first names.
Meaghan: someday maybe he'll be on the reboot of Home Improvement
Julie: or a serial killer

Morgan: I spot Hiddles.
Julie: he stands out, like a handsome beacon

Morgan: Why do they only have one set of bonoculars?
Morgan binoculars*
Meaghan:bonoculars? is that what you use to spot Bono?
Meaghan: maybe they weren't expecting to see Bono
Morgan: No, it's what you call Bono's shades.

Meaghan: I don't think we're ready for that jelly
Bonster: I agree with that statement Meaghan

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