2006 Oscar Poll Results

To celebrate the 2006 Academy Awards, we posted an Oscar poll here and asked visitors to the site to vote for their picks. Voters were asked to make two choices for each Oscar category: who would win, and who should win. We awarded two points for each correct would win pick and one for each correct should win pick. The maximum number of points possible was 48. Here are the top ten finishers:

1) Meaghan (33 points)
2) Laura (30 points)
3) Denise (29 points)
4) Mistress of Pie (28 points)
5) Jen (27 points)
6) Morgan (27 points)
7) Hoppy (26 points)
8) Beth (25 points)
9) Ingrid (24 points)
10) Ella (23 points)

Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who participated!

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