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Al Pacino Is Watching You
Well, he's watching Meaghan and Morgan, anyway. They see him everywhere. It's creepy.

Christmas Island: The Hidden Secrets of Lost
The truth about Dom and his role on Lost.

COTWWSB cares. We care so much, in fact, that we are the founders of many glorious organizations devoted to good causes.

COTWWSB Cocktails
Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages inspired and created by members of COTWWSB.

COTWWSB Drinking-Game
A.K.A. How to get completely drunk in record time!

COTWWSB Googlisms
Wacky facts about COTWWSB members from

COTWWSB Musical Endeavours (Fake)
Members of COTWWSB have formed a band named Goldfish Jumper. Watch out for the Goldfish Jumper world tour coming to you in 2006.

COTWWSB Sings...
COTWWSB is known for bursting into song in chat. These are some of the songs we've performed.

COTWWSB Synchronized Movie Watching Club
The Citizens of the World with Shared Brains Synchronized Movie Watching Club (COTWWSBSMWC) aims to watch a double feature together approximately once a month.

Crimes and Misdemeanors
Citizens of the world with shared brains? More like criminals of the world with shared brains! Read up on COTWWSB scandals.

Dream a Little Dream of COTWWSB
A page dedicated to all of our COTWWSB related dreams!

A page listing all the evil things that Holly and Brandon (the evil fraternal twins of COTWWSB) have done to people.

Fake Gossip About Tobey Maguire
Do you feel that there just isn't enough gossip out there about Tobey Maguire? I do. That's why I decided to make stuff up and post it here. All gossip contained on this page is of course flattering to Tobey, because I loff him.

Fanlistings People Would Kill Us For
We were talking about what fanlistings people would fight over one day on AIM, and we decided to make a list.

Gangstas of the Hood With Shared Brains
One day, COTWWSB decided to become rappers. This is the story of GOTHWSB. The world is our hood.

Hunky Chest Workout Club: The Beginning
The beginning of the Hunky Chest Workout Club movement.

Hunky Chest Workout Club: The Movie
Brainstorming about the best movie ever to not yet exist.

If Bono Owned TFL
Several members of COTWWSB are on staff at The Fanlistings Network. One night, the idea came to us that Bono (of U2) should own TFL. Once we'd thought of it, it seemed like such a perfect idea that, well, we had to share it.

Our Mentor
A page dedicated to our mentor, Orlando Bloom, and the aged wisdom he imparts to us.

Outrageous Claims about COTWWSB Husbands (and Wife)
Information you need to know.

Paging Dr. Cotwwsb, MD
Sometimes you just don't wanna go to work. Here are some made-up diseases you can tell your boss you have when you call in, courtesy of the medical professionals here at Sacred Crotchgroin.

Possible Future (Past) Plotlines for One Tree Hill
Bonster, Julie, Meaghan and Morgan recently started watching One Tree Hill, which is a show that has some pretty cracked out storylines. Here, we've tried to guess what might happen in future seasons and rated the likelihood of these storylines actually coming to pass on a scale of 1 to 5 Chads. Note to One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn: We don't mind if you want to use these ideas.

Random Recommendations
Sometimes Amazon and Netflix (among others) will recommend you seemingly unrelated things based on what you have rated in the past. These are some of the weirdest.

Television Crossover Events
TV show crossovers are always fun, but why should shows limit themselves only to crossovers with related series? Here are some ideas we'd love to see.

That's What She Said ... Or He Said
Jutron (Julie and Meaghan) love The Office. Here they present to you some of their most favorite quotations from the show, because it is hilarious and quotable.

The Best of Spam!
Sometimes we get some amusing spam and while we may not open it, the subject lines are enough to give us a good chuckle, so we thought we'd share!

The Road to Hotness
Chronicling our beloved mentor's road to hotness, with pictures!

The Tobification of Television Project
The merging of Tobey Maguire with popular TV shows. Also visit the Tobification of Television Icon Gallery!

Things Chad Michael Murray Did Not Say
We made up these quotes, but we feel they capture the essence that is the wit and wisdom of Chad Michael Murray.

White Trash Toblerpogroin
Learn about COTWWSBs first child, White Trash Toblerpogroin.

You Do Google, Too
Sometimes people find our site via Google with odd combinations of search keywords that don't really have anything to do with us. Being helpful people, though, we have started this page to provide the information demanded by these confused surfers.

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