The Tobification of Television Project

The merging of Tobey Maguire with popular TV shows. Also visit the Tobification of Television Icon Gallery!

Boring Old Name --> Tobified Name
24 --> Twenbey Four
30 Rock --> Tobey Rock
4400, The --> Fourbey Four Hundred, The
Alias --> Beylias (or Tobias)
Angel --> Beyngel
Aqua Teen Hunger Force --> Aqua Beyn Hunguire Force
Arrested Development --> Arresto Develobey
Battlestar Galactica --> Battlestar Galactobey
The Big Bang Theory --> The Tobey Maguire Theory
Bionic Woman --> Tobonic Woman
Bones --> Tones
Boston Legal --> Bostobe Leguire
Buffy the Vampire Slayer --> Bufto the Vambey Slayer (or Bufto the Vamguire Slaybey)
Carnivale --> Tobivale (or Guirenivale)
Chuck --> Tobck
CSI --> Bey.S.I.
Community --> Communtobey
Dead Like Me --> Dead Like Bey
Desperate Housewives --> Desperato Housebeys
Dexter --> Dextob
Doctor Who --> Docto Who
ER --> BeyR
Family Guy --> Famibey Guire
Farscape --> Farbey
Felicity --> Felicibey
Firefly --> Guirefly
Friday Night Lights --> Tobey Night Lights
Futurama --> Futobrama
General Hospital --> General Hosbeytal
Gilmore Girls --> Giltobe Girls
The Good Wife --> The Good Tobey
Gossip Girl --> Gossip Guire
Heroes --> Hertobes
House, M.D. --> House, M.Bey.
Journeyman --> Jourbeyman
Law & Order --> Law & Orbey
Lost --> Losto
Mad Men --> Maguire Men
My Name is Earl --> My Name is Tobey
O.C., The --> To.C., The (or The O.Bey., The, but that's almost tampons)
Office, The --> Tobffice, The
Party of Five --> Parbey of Five
Psych --> Beych (or Tobych, but try pronouncing that)
Pushing Daisies --> Pushing Tobies
Queer as Folk --> Queer as Tolk
Roswell --> Rosbey
Scrubs --> Scrubbey
Six Feet Under --> Six Feet Unto
Smallville --> Smallbey
Stargate SG-1 --> Starbey SBey-1
Stargate Atlantis --> Starbey Tolantis
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip --> Studito Sixbey on the Sunset Strip
Supernatural --> Stupidnatural
Survivor --> Survibey
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles --> Tobeynator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
That 70s Show --> That Sevenbeys To
Torchwood --> Tobeywood
Twilight Zone, The --> Tobey Zone, The
Ugly Betty --> Ugly Betobey
Veronica Mars --> Veronibey Mars (or Tobonica Mars)
Weeds --> Beyds
X-Files, The --> X-Beys, The
Xena: Warrior Princess --> Tobey: Warrior Princess
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