If Bono Owned TFL

Several members of COTWWSB are on staff at The Fanlistings Network. One night, the idea came to us that Bono (of U2) should own TFL. Once we'd thought of it, it seemed like such a perfect idea that, well, we had to share it.

Hoppy: because God owns TFL
Meaghan: yes
Hoppy: or Bono
Meaghan: Bono should own TFL
Hoppy: Dude, he should.
Meaghan: he could afford to pay us all and also get us a decent server
Hoppy: TFL is all about bringing people all over the world together, and Bono is totally for that world peace shit.
Morgan: Bono should own TFL!
Meaghan: omg, you're right
Hoppy: lol
Morgan: Bono would be a nice boss.
Hoppy: Bono would be awesome to work for.
Meaghan: I would work for Bono if he asked me to
Hoppy: I bet he'd bring us snacks and give us phat christmas bonuses
Meaghan: dude, he would
Hoppy: and then he'd leave to go to africa and save babies
Meaghan: he'd pop by the TFL island every once in a while and buy us all a huge lunch
Julie: lol
Hoppy: but he'd send us postcards 'n shit to tell us about how he's saved a 100 babies in one weekend
Hoppy: and also how much he misses us
Morgan: And then wrote a song about it.
Meaghan: I've heard that Bono has been known to give 100 pounds to bums on the street in Dublin
Meaghan: why doesn't Bono own TFL?
Morgan: He'd move the TAFL headquarters to Japan. They'd like it there.
Meaghan: ooh, yes
Meaghan: but he wouldn't visit them
Meaghan: he'd only visit us
Julie: lol
Meaghan: we should post this part of the chat somewhere
Hoppy: totally
Hoppy: unless somebody had babies to be saved in Japan
Meaghan: oh yeah
Julie: he would send someone else to save them
Meaghan: he would send Larry
Julie: lol
Morgan: LOL
Morgan: Where is The Edge being sent?
Meaghan: The Edge would come with Bono to see us
Meaghan: they'd play acoustic sets for us every night
Hoppy: The Edge would bring us donuts.
Meaghan: The Edge loves doughnuts
Morgan: He's my U2 counterpart.
Julie: he would co-own his own fanlisting with you, lol
Meaghan: LMAO
Julie: he could make the codes
Meaghan: ok, that's just weird
Morgan: LOL
Meaghan: Bono making codes ... hahahahahahahahaha
Julie: your fanlisting would say "All codes made by Bono!"
Hoppy: lol
Meaghan: he would say "but these codes all have the mullet on them!" and I would say, yes that's the point, Bono
Meaghan: that's awesome
Morgan: Well this is definitely one of the better ideas we've had.
Meaghan: yes it is
Julie: It's up there. And we've had a lot of good ideas.
Morgan: And that's among a plethora of gunnderful ideas.
Hoppy: er, and so are the rest of you i guess
Meaghan: I think I would probably have to explain PhotoShop to him, but I don't mind doing that
Meaghan: I hope I have a dream about Bono making codes tonight.
Hoppy: lol
Julie: Gunnderful, lol
Julie: it's such a good name
Meaghan: lmao
Meaghan: it's one of the worst names ever
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