COTWWSB Musical Endeavours (Fake)

Members of COTWWSB have formed a band named Goldfish Jumper. Watch out for the Goldfish Jumper world tour coming to you in 2006.


Lead Vocals: Penguin Knickers (Hoppy)
Guitar: Fish Pants (Morgan)
Bass Guitar/Cowbell: Cow Belt (Meaghan)
Drums: Monkey Toe Socks (Nicole)
Keyboards: Tiger Trousers (Julie)
Timpani: Cat Shirt (Holly)
Triangle: Kathi (Kathi)
Xylophone: Kangaroo Hotpants (Elise)
Bongos: Puppy Thong (Brandon)
Castanets: Emu Slippers (Bonster)
Accordion: Ant Chucks (Emma-Jane)
Udu Pot: Zebra Boxers (Anna)

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