Fake Gossip About Tobey Maguire

Do you feel that there just isn't enough gossip out there about Tobey Maguire? I do. That's why I decided to make stuff up and post it here. All gossip contained on this page is of course flattering to Tobey, because I loff him.

Maguire to star in Spiderman 4 (January 6, 2006)
Actor Tobey Maguire, famous for playing Peter Parker and his wallcrawling alter ego in the Spider-Man series of movies, has signed on to do Spiderman 4 ... but it's not what you think. Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed the difference in spelling between the superhero's name, which separates the "Spider" and "Man" with a hyphen, and the title of the new film, which contains no hyphen. Spider-no-hyphen-man, says Maguire's rep, is in fact pronounced "SPY-der-m'n," a subtle but important difference (especially if the makers of the new film do not wish to be served with a lawsuit by Marvel Enterprises, owners of the Spider-Man name). Spiderman 4 tells the story of a man named Mark Spiderman, to be played by Maguire, and his wife, child, and dog: the Spiderman 4. "The script is hilarious," says Maguire's rep. "It's about a very non-super family with a superhero's name." The film, which will begin production in Ontario a few months after Maguire wraps Spider-Man 3, will mark the directorial debut of screenwriter May Garoux. Garoux also wrote the screenplay with her Hunky Chest Workout Club co-writer Ku Li T. McOurs. We hate to think of the confusion if Maguire ends up doing any more Spider-Man movies.

Spider-Man actor develops wallcrawling ability (December 18, 2005)
Peter Parker got his spider powers from the bite of a radioactive spider. But for Tobey Maguire, the powers apparently came along with playing Peter Parker. Several residents of the Los Angeles area, where Maguire is currently shooting The Good German for Steven Soderbergh, have reported seeing the actor or someone resembling him climbing the walls of various skyscrapers in the city. "I looked up, and there he was! First I thought they were just shooting scenes for a movie but then I realized there were no camera crews around," one witness told us. "It was amazing, really." Maguire refused to comment when one reporter asked him about his newfound ability. Moments after he left the scene, however, a figure was seen scaling the nearby Library Tower.

Maguire to take role in Serenity sequel (December 17, 2005)
It was reported today that actor Tobey Maguire, best known for his role as Peter Parker in the Spider-Man movies, has signed on to play a role in the upcoming sequel to Joss Whedon's sci-fi hit Serenity. Not much is known about the role Maguire will play, except that his character will be an old friend of Serenity's captain, Malcolm Reynolds, played in the film by Nathan Fillion. "I will be playing Mal's pal," said Maguire. "Beyond that, I really can't say."

Puppet Fun for Famous Pals (October 11, 2005)
Leonardo DiCaprio and his best buddy Tobey Maguire visited a Riverside-area comic book shop this week. The two spent about half an hour browsing the store before Maguire spotted the last remaining Puppet Angel replica (from the cancelled WB television series Angel). Maguire rushed to buy the collector's item, and he and DiCaprio seemed very excited about the purchase. The two were spotted later that day on a beach putting on puppet shows for happy youngsters behind a makeshift sandcastle stage with the Angel puppet and Arrested Development's Franklin, lent to them by castmember Jason Bateman, who happened to pass by.
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