Our Mentor

A page dedicated to our mentor, Orlando Bloom, and the aged wisdom he imparts to us.

The Mentor FAQ
Question: Why Orlando?
Answer: Because he's older and wiser than we are.

"He helps me overcome the challenges of not being able to back into a parking space." - Meaghan

"He helps me with my exposition skills." - Morgan

"He helped me assemble a bookcase." - Julie

"Orlando helps me with my typing skills." - Holly

"He reminds me why the sky is blue." - Bonster

"He taught me the right way to eat watermelon." - Meaghan

"He taught me the importance of shoes." - Holly

"He taught me to respect myself." - Julie

"He's also taught me the importance of taking time each day to think about puppies." - Morgan

"He taught me that even people you don't like can have valuable life lessons to teach." - Brandon

"He taught me that every rose has its thorn." - Bonster

"He taught me that the best snow chains are made of actual chains and not plastic." - Morgan

"He taught me how I could hold a moonbeam in my hand." - Meaghan

"Our mentor has taught me that he cannot carry a movie on his own." - Morgan

"He taught me not to talk out of my ass about subjects I know nothing about because making snooty ironic comments about things you do not understand can make people think you're a dumbass. And our mentor doesn't want people to think I'm a dumbass." - Meaghan

"Because of him, I now know you need sheet music for the bongos, but it is possible to play from your heart." - Morgan

"Without telling me, and just by being himself, he taught me that he is better than Patrick Dempsey." - Morgan

"He taught me that I, too, am better than Patrick Dempsey." - Meaghan

"He taught me how to make my typos natural so they do not have to be cosmetically enhanced." - Holly

"He taught me that you do not need to be able to act to become a famous actor. You just need to appeal to teeenage girls." - Holly

"He taught me how to read." - Julie

"He taught me that you can achieve new levels of sexiness at any age." - Morgan

"He taught me that losers never win and winners never lose." - Julie

"He is always at his classiest." - Julie

"He taught me that punching Justin Bieber is good for the soul." - Morgan

"He taught me that it's best to dance as if no one is watching. Don't stifle your joy." - Morgan
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