The Best of Spam!

Sometimes we get some amusing spam and while we may not open it, the subject lines are enough to give us a good chuckle, so we thought we'd share!

"A Bad Marriage Can Kill You"

"anti-spammers are lamers"

"First law of science: don't spit into the wind"

"Hi, near-acquainted"

"Hi, Non-zionist"

"I do not fear computers, I fear the lack of the them"

"I gathered eggs, and helped in the gardens, and even shared the rope swing with my brothers, but I never saved a pig."

"Man in hot pants struts in boots, cheers city"

"spring chicken uranium"

"The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had"

"Yacht Squadron!"

"Your cash, mustard family"

"You have to be a special kind of stupid to forget to eat"

"Somebody not from around here had been fooling with the chickens."

"Undeliverable: soggy wet napkin"

"Spice Liquid Train Junk Ice-cream Star Saddle"

"Pyramid Spice Egg Radar"

"Imagine having a designer watch for a funny price."

"You can afford so many watches you will lose track of them."
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