Hunky Chest Workout Club: The Movie

Brainstorming about the best movie ever to not yet exist.

Julie: hunky chest workout club: the movie
Meaghan: LMAO
Julie: I'd totally go see that movie.
Meaghan: I would too, sadly
Meaghan: I'm sure the script would be fantastic.
Julie: it would
Meaghan: it would not at all rely solely on male nudity to get its audience.
Julie: lol
Julie: the plot would be deep and moving
Meaghan: it could be just like Dodgeball!
Julie: lol!
Meaghan: you're all "deep and moving!" and I'm all "Dodgeball!!!"
Meaghan: that's funny
Meaghan: not that Dodgeball wasn't deep and moving.
Julie: a combo of both
Meaghan: lol
Julie: the critics will call it "A deep and moving Dodgeball"
Meaghan: LOL
Julie: "Dogdeball with a message about life"
Meaghan: Ebert and Roeper give it two very moved thumbs up
Julie: lol
Julie: the best movie of the year
Meaghan: yeah, that movie would ROCK
Meaghan: totally
Meaghan: A story of three actors with body image problems.
Julie: we could work poker into the plot, too
Meaghan: One a superhero who overeats. One a former Sith Lord who's fallen out of shape. And one who has just always been really skinny and still looks 16 even though he's 30.
Julie: haha
Meaghan: poker would totally be a plot point
Julie: they all have unique problems with specific solutions
Meaghan: part of the movie would involve an intervention to force Tobey off his ass.
Meaghan: they do!
Julie: they'd lose all their money gambling, and they would attempt to regain their losses by opening the HCWC
Meaghan: LOL
Meaghan: Gayden would spend some of his money on a failed male strip club or something.
Julie: LOL
Meaghan: ooh, or George Lucas could sue him for coming out too close to the release of ROTS!
Julie: haha
Meaghan: because George Lucas would totally do that.
Julie: I can see it
Meaghan: definitely
Julie: this movie would also be great for a sequel
Meaghan: lol
Julie: the three original HCWC members, now buff, mentor up-and-coming out-of-shape actors
Meaghan: LOL
Meaghan: aaaah, awesome
Julie: but the movie also explores the sadness of parents aging as well as an innapropriate romance with one of the up-and-comers
Meaghan: =-O
Julie: it's deep
Meaghan: why parents aging? lol
Julie: I just thought it would be a good side-story for one of the three
Meaghan: ah, I see
Meaghan: I think it would have to be Gayden.
Julie: well, when Gayden flies home, Tobey gets back into gambling
Meaghan: oh dear
Meaghan: because Gayden was the only one keeping him off the gambling.
Julie: yes
Meaghan: wow, that's so moving
Julie: and Leo is too busy doing something else to notice Tobey's cries for help
Meaghan: oh noooooooo!
Meaghan: he's off with Giselle
Julie: that's why Tobey is sitting there with his robe open. It's a cry for help. He just wants people to ask WHY.
Meaghan: LMAO
Meaghan: why are you showing us you equipment, Tobey? why??
Meaghan: there could be scenes of Tobey waking up on the floor of his house after a 3 day poker spree, with no memory of losing $6 million or something.
Julie: LOL
Julie: and Gayden comes back and finds him there
Julie: it's very dramatic
Meaghan: awww
Meaghan: he runs water on his head
Julie: yes
Meaghan: so beautiful
Julie: lol
Julie: in the end, they realize that working out is good, and they don't need gambling
Meaghan: lol
Meaghan: a very good moral
Julie: and there's an extended musical montage
Meaghan: love those
Meaghan: and here's a good scene: shots of Tobey playing poker cut with shots of his phone ringing at home, and Sam Raimi leaving a message saying they've had to start on Spider-Man 3 without him.
Julie: lol
Meaghan: and then he would get home, play the message, and cry.
Julie: totally
Meaghan: and drink 7 bottles of vodka
Julie: whoa
Meaghan: and then he would have to get his stomach pumped! very dramatic.
Julie: very dramatic!
Meaghan: so sad
Meaghan: poor Tobey
Julie: I think there should also be a scene where one of them is full of rage and trashes a room
Meaghan: well there would have to be
Julie: Gayden can do it
Meaghan: that could be Leo, and he does it out of guilt over what happened to Tobey while he was off with Giselle.
Meaghan: or Gayden could do it. lol
Julie: that could also work
Meaghan: this would be one of the cheesiest movies ever
Julie: I think it would be better, because then he would realize what he'd done, and they could work on getting better together
Meaghan: it would be wonderfl
Meaghan: wonderful
Julie: Leo would walk in while Gayden was reviving Tobey
Meaghan: lol
Julie: and he'd run out crying, and go trash his room
Meaghan: and he'd be like "What have I done??"
Meaghan: this movie -- very gay.
Julie: then Gayden would make sure Tobey was doing ok, and he'd go yell at Leo
Meaghan: woo!
Julie: he'd be like, you think this is all about you? OUR FRIEND NEEDS US
Meaghan: omg
Meaghan: Oscar clip!
Julie: totally!
Meaghan: meanwhile Tobey is like, lying in a hospital bed attached to a respirator
Julie: lolol
Meaghan: and the others would go hold his hand until he woke up
Meaghan: but really the whole thing is about nutrition and body image.
Julie: yes, it would show them sitting in his hospital room, and it would close up on their hand-holding, then fade out. then fade back into a sunrise "... 3 months later"
Meaghan: LOL
Julie: and there would be rock music, and they'd be working out at the HCWC, laughing
Meaghan: aww, and everyone in the theatre would cheer and cry
Julie: this is the best movie ever!
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