Dream a Little Dream of COTWWSB

A page dedicated to all of our COTWWSB related dreams!

Brandon and the Crackwhore's Magical Closet (Brandon's Dream)
Ok, so all of us decided to meet up at this crack whores apartment because she had this magical closet that would take us anywhere. When we all got there, we all decided that Disneyland would be fun. So we paid the crack whore and she warped us to Disneyland through her closet. Once we got to the hotel, instead of getting a bunch of different rooms for the 13 of us (plus my friend Joe was there) so there was 14 of us, we all got ONE room. And we picked one of the smallest rooms in the hotel, but none of us seemed to care because we were having fun.

I remember Golly had created this device for all of us to keep in touch if we got split up. They were these mini-computers the size of calculators. They were the coolest thing ever. Then I realized I had forgotten my money back in St. Louis, so I had to go back to the crack whores apartment to get back to St. Louis. So I got back to St. Louis in like 10 minutes, from Disneyland, picked up my wallet, and then I could not find the place where the crack whore transported me...so I had to find another way back to Disneyland. Nicole kept calling my phone every 10 minutes to find out where I was, and since I couldn't find the transporting spot, I had to take a train back to Disneyland. :( By the time I got back to Disneyland, everyone was packing up to go home. It was disappointing. Joe had fun with you guys though.

Oh, I forgot to add something that was really funny! I have never seen some of you, so in my dream, Loren was this big black muscular woman. Kinda like a female version of Mr. Eko on Lost.

Meaghan and the Secret of Hoppy's True Parentage (Meaghan's Dream)
I was somewhere with Hoppy, Mo, and Holly. In this dream Hoppy was adopted. She knew she was adopted but didn't know anything about her birth parents. Mo was all nervous because she'd found out that Hoppy's birth father was some famous professional athlete. She'd known about this for months but hadn't told Hoppy, and she was afraid Hoppy would be really pissed when she found out. So then Mo got up and left where we were sitting outside and was like hiding in the house or something, and Hoppy was all what's up with her? and Holly and I knew, so we told her, and Hoppy actually wasn't mad at all, so everything worked out in the end. Hoppy seemed rather amused when she found out her birth father's identity. I'm pretty sure he was a football player. Hoppy had heard of him and she made reference to some famous play he'd made -- "You mean the guy who blah blah in some famous game?" or something. Just like in Ace Ventura.

Morgan and the Missing Weed (Brandon's Dream)
I was out in California looking for someone to buy weed off of. Well, it just so happened that Morgan was one of the most well known weed dealers around, so I had decided to go to her. I figured she'd give me some sort of discount because we were friends, lol. When I had gotten there, there were a few people I hadn't seen before. Everyone was looking around at all of the different types of weed that Morgan had. She had a huge selection. She let me test smoke it before buying it. It was probably the best weed I had ever smoked. Suddenly, this big black muscular woman (who I later realized was probably Loren) busted into her room and put a gun to Morgan's head asking for her to put all of her weed in her bag. Morgan did so, but was really pissed off of course. After that was done, Morgan said that if I had helped her get her weed back, she would give me all the free weed I had ever wanted. I, of course, said yes. So we started out on our little journey to regain the weed. We had found out that Loren was in Mexico, so that's where we were headed. Unfortunately, I woke up before we got to Mexico so I was never sure if we had gotten the weed back or not.

The Return of Lorro (Meaghan's Dream)
Last night I dreamed that Loren, long missing from the internet, had returned to us. She reclaimed all her fanlistings -- even the ones she had adopted out -- and started building sites again. That's it, really. But it was nice.

The Great Betrayal (Julie's Dream)
I had a dream Meaghan submitted a closed form for the Joss Whedon fanlisting without telling the co-owners (me, Holly, and Morgan) first! In my dream, I was going to make a filtered post to Mo and Holly so we could bitch about it.

Domain Swap Chaos! (Meaghan's Dream)
I dreamed that Brandon told me that a bunch of COTWWSB people were going to trade domains randomly, so like Julie might have ended up at sweet-revenge.org and Brandon would be at evening-star.org and Holly might get audiohype.net or something. They were doing it just to mess with people's heads, and I must say I think it would have worked because I woke up feeling confused.

Text Messaging Nightmare (Meaghan's Dream)
The first part of this story actually happened. On the day the Golden Globes aired in 2007, I said to Morgan that we could text message each other during the show, but she informed me that it airs three hours later in California (where she lives) than it does where I live so we couldn't do that because she doesn't like to know who wins before she watches the show. I joked that if Babel won Best Picture (which it eventually did) I would send her a text message that just said "RAGE." Then after I watched the awards I went to sleep, and I dreamed that around 3am I woke up and, figuring that the show would be over by that time in California, sent Morgan a text message that said RAGE. Then I was all concerned that the show might not have been over and I'd spoiled it for her. In the morning when I woke up I couldn't remember whether or not I'd actually sent her that message, but no, it was a dream.

Spider-Man 3 Chaos (Meaghan's Dream)
There was this one dream where I went to see Spider-Man 3 with some friends. (In my dream. In fact, it's not even my dream; it's a friend of mine's dream.) I had this dream one week before Spider-Man 3 was released, by the way. So anyway, I went in to see the movie, but the crowd was rather rowdy and I was having trouble focusing on the movie. I do remember that Sarah Michelle Gellar appeared in it, and her character had the ability to shoot webs for some reason. She was using her webs as wings and gliding around and floating and stuff. Then, as sometimes happens in dreams, I switched identities and became Kirsten Dunst. I was watching the movie with my co-star, Tobey, when it became obvious that the theatre had somehow got hold of an unfinished version of the film -- in one scene, Tobey forgot one of his lines and everyone was laughing. It was like they'd put bloopers actually within the movie. So Tobey and I were shocked, and we said to each other that surely they would have to stop the movie now. We got Sam Raimi to tell the projectionist to cut, and that was that. Then I was me again and my friends and I left the theatre hoping to get passes to see another show. When we left, I realized that I hadn't actually caught any of what was going on in the movie. Someone was talking about how much they'd enjoyed Emilio Estevez's part and I didn't even remember him being there. My friend Shauna and I had originally decided to come back and see the movie another day but then we changed our minds and figured we'd go again right away. In order to get back into the theatre we had to go on this thing sort of like one of the baggage carousels at the airport. We had to grab hold of part of it, lie down, and ride the thing back inside. Shauna went first, and while I was waiting for my turn, Emma-Jane called me on my cell phone. That is the COTWWSB part of this dream, heh. I don't remember what we talked about but I think I told her about the bloopers in the movie. Then we hung up and I rode the carousel thing back into the theatre. The end. On reflection, that may have been one of the strangest dreams I've ever had in my life

The Death of Spider-man (Holly's Dream)
This dream started with Meaghan swinging through the streets of some city with Spider-man. Why it was not me, I don't know. Perhaps I know that Meaghan would kill me if I swang through the streets with Spider-man. Anyway. They landed on the roof of a very tall building where I was waiting for them. I took out a weird contraption that as a cross between a crossbow and a gun and shot Spider-man in the shoulder trying to kill him. However, I did not kill him. Wolverine appeared on the roof too (I have no idea where he came from) and Spider-man asked him to help. However, Wolverine used his claws to fully kill Spider-man, and then he took off his mask and revealed he was really not Wolverine, but the Green Goblin. He then tried to use the Wolverine claws to kill Meaghan and myself but he couldn't get them to work, so we used Spidey's webs to bind him up and threw him off the side of the building. Then we swung through the streets and decided that that was the best part of being Spider-man.

Loren, the 40-year Old Male Serial Killer (Holly's dream)
One day Loren re-appeared on the internet and started talking to us again. After a few days we had not heard from Morgan so we called her house and we discovered that she was dead. Then Hoppy and Julie also turned up dead and there was a note left at Julie's flat saying that Lorem was not who we thought she was. It turned out she was a 40-year old serial killer and also a male and she went on a rampage going through all of COTWWSB and killing them one as a time. Meaghan flew to London before Loren reached Ottawa and then we went to France to hide out at E-J's house as she didn't have her address. We ended up in the French witness protection system and owned a local bakery in a small French town.

The M&M Thief (Holly's dream)
I had a dream where Meaghan and I were hanging out one day and she was eating M&Ms. At one point she accused me of stealing all her brown M&Ms as she didn't have any left and although I wasn't eating any she kept insisting that I was. This is really weird as I don't actually eat chocolate.

Ice Ice Tobey (Holly's dream)
A while ago I dreamt that Meaghan asked me to store something Tobey Maguire related in my freezer and I agreed. We had to take everything out of the freezer to fit this Tobey related thing in, and then we had to take the freezer apart to fit an extra cooling device in it. Emma realised that the Tobey related thing was actually Tobey Maguire and Meaghan was shocked when she found out. Then I woke up.

Island Madness (Holly's dream)
I had this dream on the same night as the above dream. This surely should quialify me for a prize or something. Anyway, in my dream I was attending a marathon of Lord of the Rings marathon with Hoppy and one of my other friends. It was all going well until we realised that we were actually watching Lost and not Lord of the Rings, and when we realised we were teleported to the Lost island. Then we were eaten by the monster for knowing the secrets of the island.

COTWWSB does Lego (Holly's dream)
For some reason (possibly too much Lego Batman) the members of COTWWSB were made from Lego and we were all in a jungle. And that is all I remember. But being Lego was pretty awesome.

Meaghan and the Iron Fist (Brandon's dream)
I had a random dream that Meaghan flew all the way to St. Louis just to punch me in the stomach for no reason at all.

Bonster's Cries for Help (Julie's dream)
In my dream, Bonster was approximately 1/3 the size of a regular adult and had cartoonishly long proportions, and she kept trying to hang herself on the bathroom shower curtain rod. Several times I had to go in the bathroom and take her down. (I don't even know how she got up there; she was so short her feet didn't come close to reaching the edge of the tub.) The final time I found her hanging, she was quite close to death. I took her down and shook her a bit and her eyes focused, then I wrapped her in a blanket and carried her and set her down on a table. Later, I phoned her and said if anything happened to her, I would be devestated.

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words (Julie's dream)
I dreamed that while browsing the internet, I came across an amazing and super rare, never before seen photo of Jensen Ackles, Jared Padelecki, Seth Green, and Kermit the Frog. This photo was so rare, in fact, that I was sure no one on the internet had seen it before or was even aware it existed. In the photo, Seth Green was sitting in an old-fashioned bathtub. Behind the bathtub was some type of wooden frame with little benches on it, and Jensen and Jared were sitting on the benches, so they appeared on either side of Seth in the photo. The wooden frame also had some nooks and crannies in it and Kermit the Frog was in one of them. There were some toys and other colorful doodads on the frame as well. All in all, it was a spectacular photo! I knew that COTWWSB had to see it, especially Anna, because she loves Jensen and Jared, but I knew everyone would enjoy it because it was just so great. Sadly, I couldn't find anyone online to show it to and dream confusion somehow prevented me from posting it anywhere.

Never Trust a Stargate Photo Sale (Julie's dream)
I was in England, waiting in a lobby with a small crowd. Everyone was carrying duffel bags (with tennis gear), but I had mine in a beach bag. Holly came in with a couple of friends who mocked me (in a friendly way) for having a beach bag. I went to an ATM with Holly and she told me I wouldn't believe how high the ATM fees were in England. She took 50 out of the machine and showed me the receipt, which had 13 in fees. I was appropriately outraged. We went into the main event, which was not tennis-related but a public sale of large still photographs from the TV series Stargate. There was a large grid of all available photos on the front wall. Holly got to pick first and bought one. Then it was my turn! I was very indecisive and asked everyone questions about which characters to avoid. The picture in the bottom right corner was of a particularly menacing bad guy. I wasn't sure he was human. He was carrying a large ray gun and had big metal epaulets. Suddenly his still photo came to life. The photo sale was a scam! We were trapped. This scary guy was real and he burst out of his "frame." He shot his ray gun into the ceiling as the crowd pushed its way out of the room. We all exited through a door that led outside, but into a shadowed stairwell. We tried to climb up the concrete steps to ground level but the sun burned us! His ray gun had made our skin super sensitive to the sun. We somehow got away and wandered over to Chuck Bartowski's house, which didn't actually look like his real home but was a small house in a rural area (in dream land, we were no longer in England). Unfortunately Chuck wasn't home to help us but his little blue car was sitting out front. There were two men sitting on a flatbed pickup truck with shotguns. One of them was Woody Harrelson, but in my dream his name was Whitey Harrelson. I joked that it was good Whitey wasn't exposed to the sun-damage ray. I then suggested we paint the windows of Chuck's car black to shield us from the burning sun and use his car to get around.

It's a Jolly Walk with Dick Van Dyke (Julie's dream)
Meaghan and I were taking a walk around town and we ran into the elderly Dick Van Dyke and his elderly wife, who were also out for a stroll. We walked with them for a while and he sang to us. It was nice. There was also something about potatoes but I don't remember that part.

Elevator Vandalism (Julie's dream)
I dreamed that E-J and Henry Cavill were trying to remove the handrail from inside the elevator in my office building. Henry Cavill was there as part of a volunteer program. I don't know why they were trying to remove the handrail, but I got the impression E-J was just going along with it to get closer to Henry. (I can't blame her.) I spent much of the dream trying to find them a screwdriver.
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