COTWWSB Drinking-Game

A.K.A. How to get completely drunk in record time!

You must drink whenever one of the following occurs:

  • Bonster says *snoogles*

  • Bonster eats a pickle.

  • AIM boots E-J.

  • Morgan takes a shower.

  • Meaghan mentions Spidey.

  • One of us mentions Joss, or anything Jossverse related.

  • Meaghan mentions U2/Bono.

  • Brandon watches a movie and still stays in the chat.

  • One of us mentions our pets.

  • Julie and Meaghan talk PHP - drink twice, because it generally makes you feel stupid.

  • Brandon says he leaving, but doesn't really and watches us instead.

  • Holly talks tennis.

  • Morgan is doing cleaning.

  • Hoppy comes in - chug!

  • Holly or E-J make a typo. If they both make a typo, drink twice.

Compiled by COTWWSB's resident drunk, who shall remain anonymous!
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