Things Chad Michael Murray Did Not Say

We made up these quotes, but we feel they capture the essence that is the wit and wisdom of Chad Michael Murray.

"Sometimes I look at the stars and I think, stars are so bright and beautiful, just like life. It's like a giant star brightens our whole world everyday."

"When you have a show with a lot of heart, everything is heartfelt and true. It comes from the heart, heartfelt shows."*

"I believe you can fall in love with a lot of people in your life and they all mean as much to you as the other ones. Life is full of love and when you're in love you can just love life."

"Normal to me is everyday life, and every day I struggle to have normalcy in my life"

"Love makes life worth living. And the reason we live is so that we can love."

"When I look at my girl, I see a million diamonds sparkling in her eyes, and they are so blinding I can't see her face, only our bright future."

"Happiness is like food for the soul, and your soul is like a stomach. When you're really happy you feel like you've eaten the best meal you've ever had and your soul is really full."

"When I look at birds, I think about freedom and for me acting is like I'm free as a bird, just singin' my song with every line I deliver."

"I believe that believing we survive is what makes us survive."**

"I love seasons changing. With each passing season, they change and there's a chance for new beginnings and changes."

* Summer of 2009 Bonster, Julie, Meaghan and Morgan discovered that One Tree Hill does indeed have heart.
** Actually a quote from Grey's Anatomy
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