Al Pacino Is Watching You

Well, he's watching Meaghan and Morgan, anyway. They see him everywhere. It's creepy.

Morgan goes to see The Holiday. Before the movie, she sees a trailer for Ocean's 13, which begins with a clip of Al Pacino talking to George Clooney.

The History Channel in Canada has a special week of crime movies in January. They show Scarface, Serpico, Donnie Brasco, and Carlito's Way. They call it "Crime Wave Week," but Meaghan knows it's really all about Pacino.

Meaghan has also seen the Ocean's 13 trailer a couple of times. Once, she walked into a theatre lobby and the first thing she saw was Al Pacino's face on a big screen showing that trailer.

Meaghan goes to the comic book store, as she does every week. While she's there, her friend Dan starts quoting Scarface randomly. She also notices two Tony Montana action figures on the shelf near where she always stands.

Morgan goes to see Alpha Dog. One scene features a Scarface poster.

Meaghan wakes up in the middle of the night. Unable to get back to sleep, she turns on the TV and starts flipping channels. On one channel, she sees Al Pacino, apparently speaking French. Turns out it's a French channel showing Les Héros de dimanche (or Any Given Sunday, as it's known to English audiences).

Meaghan goes to see Children of Men. In the pre-movie slideshow, there is a featurette about Diane Keaton which includes a clip of her talking to Al Pacino in The Godfather.

Meaghan watches the Oscars. During a montage of American movies by Michael Mann which includes several clips from The Godfather series but none featuring Al Pacino, she thinks to herself how odd it is that a montage with so many clips from so many Pacino movies should be Pacino-free. One second later, the montage goes to a clip of Pacino in Scarface.

Meaghan registers with the AFI website so she can download the list of 400 movies which are being considered for the new AFI list of the 100 greatest American movies. Upon registering, she sees a message saying that she has been entered to win a trip to see Al Pacino receive the AFI lifetime achievement award.

Morgan goes to Los Angeles and walks by a cigar shop that has a framed photo of Al Pacino in its window.

Morgan put the Blood Diamond DVD in her DVD player and the first voice she hears on it is that of Al Pacino.

Morgan was watching American Idol and during a commercial for, Al Pacino showed up.
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