Christmas Island: The Hidden Secrets of Lost

The truth about Dom and his role on Lost.

Artist's rendering by Lorro.Meaghan: Santa has spies everywhere ...
Meaghan: or Santa knows Dom.
Julie: or Santa is Dom! *scared*
Meaghan: omg
Meaghan: I was just typing the same thing.
Julie: lmao
Meaghan: hehe
Meaghan: maybe Dom IS Santa!
Meaghan: he could be.
Meaghan: We don't know what he does on his hiatus from Lost.
Julie: it would be an ingenious cover
Meaghan: LMAO
Meaghan: I can see the headlines now: "Hobbit man actually Santa"
Julie: I'm curious where he hides the beard
Julie: lol
Meaghan: LOL
Julie: oh gosh
Meaghan: what?
Julie: see, the thing is, Dom wasn't actually cast on Lost - that is just his secret hideaway island for when he does his santa things. But when they started filming there, he had to come up with a plan. This crap just writes itself. lol
Meaghan: ...
Meaghan: LMAO
Meaghan: "Claus found living on Lost island"
Julie: lol
Meaghan: OMG
Meaghan: that explains the polar bear!
Julie: LMAO
Julie: we have uncovered the plot to Lost
Meaghan: LOL
Meaghan: we so have
Meaghan: all the mystery is gone now.
Julie: Charlie is really Santa, who poses as Dom
Meaghan: and the island is cleverly disguised as tropical
Meaghan: in order to foil anyone who comes looking for Santa.
Meaghan: It's a cloaking spell.
Julie: yes
Julie: but one of the arctic creatures escaped it
Julie: it's the same cloaking spell that hide's Charlies big white beard
Meaghan: !!!!
Meaghan: I like the beard thing!
Meaghan: and oh my god.
Meaghan: This means that that dude who took Claire away must have been an elf
Meaghan: and charlie was in on it the whole time
Julie: now I'm imagining someone on Lost having getting bumped on the head, and aquiring the abitility to see Charlie as his true self. But no one will believe him
Meaghan: LOL
Meaghan: like Spike!
Meaghan: with Glory and Ben
Meaghan: this just cries out to be written up as fanfic.
Julie: yes, yes it does
Meaghan: ok, so the elves took Claire because they're trying to round up all the kids.
Meaghan: they're coming for Walt next.
Julie: Claire's baby must be somehow connected to Santa
Meaghan: yes! Santa's heir!
Meaghan: so that psychic guy knew all along as well.
Julie: yes, he's also an elf
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