Television Crossover Events

TV show crossovers are always fun, but why should shows limit themselves only to crossovers with related series? Here are some ideas we'd love to see.

Blue Man in Space
The shows: Arrested Development/Firefly
The plot: Thinking he is taking part in an actor's workshop, Tobias Funke inadvertently becomes the subject of government-sponsored time travel test trials. He is blasted 500 years in the future and finds himself on board the spaceship Serenity. He is first spotted by Jayne Cobb, who immediately pulls a gun on him and fires, but Tobias uses his cat-like reflexes to dodge the bullet. River starts muttering about "hands of blue." Tobias says yes, he is part of the Blue Man Group. Tobias is quickly abandoned on a dusty moon.

Scott Family Reunion
The shows: One Tree Hill/The Office
The plot: When Dunder Mifflin decides to open a new branch in Tree Hill, North Carolina, Michael Scott eagerly volunteers to scout out a location so he can surprise his cousin Dan with a visit. He shows up at Dan's house only to find that Dan has moved away, so he surprises Dan's son Nathan and his wife, Haley, instead. Michael is incredibly impressed by Nathan's career as a basketball player, and takes pride in the fact that he gave Dan a basketball for Christmas when they were kids, leading to Dan's interest in the game and Nathan's eventual success.
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