Gangstas of the Hood With Shared Brains

One day, COTWWSB decided to become rappers. This is the story of GOTHWSB. The world is our hood.

Meet Our Posse
Megga (leader)
Mo Tidy
Texas Jules
Holly Aces
(further members pending cool nicknames)

Our Beefs
Like all good rap crews, we have rivalries and hatreds with a bunch of people. Here are the stories behind them.

Dany Heatley
After he demanded a trade from Megga's favourite hockey team, we wrote a scathing diss track -- "Heat Sh*t," featuring a guest rap by Snoop Dogg -- about him. Sample lyric: "Diminished, my ass / I'll diminish your ass / You motherf***in whiny douche / With no class."

We also have friends, and we like to give shoutouts to them whenever possible. For example:

One of our favourite rappers. Megga's nickname is based on his nicknames, Jigga (Kaptcha likes to yell "Megga WHAAAAAAAT?!" at random intervals), and the titles of our classic series of albums -- The Codex, The Codex 2: The Blessing & The Hex, The Codex 3 (forthcoming) -- were inspired by his work. Though we have yet to collaborate with him, we have high hopes that someday he might ask us.

Kanye West
Our other favourite rapper. Kanye will be producing a song on The Codex 3 (I doubt he'll say no when we ask him). We paid tribute him through our use of a sped up sample from Gavin DeGraw's "I Don't Wanna Be" on our song "Good Arms to Have."
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