COTWWSB cares. We care so much, in fact, that we are the founders of many glorious organizations devoted to good causes.

  • Citizens of the World with Shared Brains for World Peace

  • International Foundation for the Prevention of Monkey Smuggling

  • The Heatley is a Douche Global Awareness Campaign

  • The Childfree-Free Movement

  • The Ryan Gosling-Rachel McAdams Reunification Foundation

  • Nathan is the Superior Scott Campaign

  • Citizens of the World For Cheering Up Keanu

  • Research Coalition for the Development of Nuclear Weapons with Pinpoint Accuracy

  • Nuke Earwigs

  • Nuke David Caruso

  • Coalition for the Encouragement of Sexy Facial Hair

  • Society for the Perverse Appreciation of Questionable Facial Hair

  • Worldwide Buffy Appreciation Society

  • The Random Hilarity Research Initiative

  • The Texoma Friendship Alliance

  • The Oklahoma City Centralized Vacuum Effect Research Initiative

  • The Private Island Acquisition Committee

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