Hunky Chest Workout Club: The Beginning

The beginning of the Hunky Chest Workout Club movement.

Meaghan: I just found another hunky chest icon
Meaghan: they are numerous
Loren: understandable
Meaghan: no one can resist the hunky chest.
Meaghan: NO ONE!
Meaghan: except Morgan
Loren: And.. it's gone now, lol
Loren: No more hunky chest unfortunatley
Loren: he's lost it
Meaghan: no more hunky chest?
Loren: stopped working out
Loren: now he's just a skinny ass again
Loren: He gained like .. 25 pounds for revenge of the sith
Elise: chest hair is not hunky
Meaghan: awww, he and Tobey should get together and start working out again
Julie: lol
Loren: lol
Elise: hayden lost his muscles?
Loren: tobey should get on the treadmill
Julie: the hunky chest workout club
Loren: hayden pump some iron
Meaghan: hee
Meaghan: lol
Elise: /hates chest hair
Meaghan: does anyone else want to be at their gym while all this is going on? or is that just me?
Loren: I dont mind it if there isnt alot
Julie: I'll go with you
Loren: yesss, oh lord yess
Meaghan: lol
Julie: the hunky chest workout club meets infront of a large window, luckily
Meaghan: woo hoo!
Meaghan: *dance of hot joy*
Julie: and they workout... nekkid
Loren: *is sure to pack a brick*
Meaghan: LOL
Loren: wow...
Meaghan: *rubs hands together with glee*
Loren: well, hayden nakee in front of tobey doesnt surprise me
Julie: lol
Loren: cause he's so gey
Meaghan: lol
Loren: but tobey naked too? theres a lot of homoeroticism on that
Meaghan: lmao
Julie: lol
Julie: Leo should also join the workout club, he's on the skinny side
Meaghan: he should!
Loren: a tripod of iron, sweat, and dare I say it.. lust
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