Outrageous Claims about COTWWSB Husbands (and Wife)

Information you need to know.

Brandon's wife
- has bigger boobs than all of the other spouses
- would totally lose the ass kicking contest
- is taller than any other COTWWSB wife

Emma-Jane's husband
- could kill you dead... like he did his acting career

Holly's husband
- would so totally win
- knows some random martial art
- can climb up walls
- has nature on his side
- can speak two languages
- did not get eaten by the polar bear
- killed all the Orcs in Middle-Earth singlehandedly (almost)
- grows an impressive beard

Kim's husband
- would so win the ass kicking contest
- knows how to kill polar bears :-o

Loren's husband
- he'd keel your husbands dead

Meaghan's husband
- could pick your husband up and carry him away
- could easily defeat all your husbands in a fight
- has the proportionate strength of a spider
- could so take them all
- is an ac-tor slash superhero

Morgan's husband
- can beat up your husband
- is extremely good looking
- would win the ass kicking contest
- had theater training!
- can punch photographers better than the others!
- had sniper training
- took dance lessons

Julie's husband
- looks good in white
- has no natural predators
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