COTWWSB Googlisms

Wacky facts about COTWWSB members from

New! Googlisms 2009 Edition
Anna is the latest escort in the scotland area to join our happy bunch of escorts.
Bonster is making all of this up.
Brandon is not potty trained and after 6 1/2 years i have had enough of changing diapers.
Chelsea is available as a futon loveseat.
Emma-Jane is one plucky lady and we are thrilled to have her working for us.
Holly is relegated to nightwatchman duties.
Hoppy is in full bloom in her wild rose print voile dress with ribbon trim and coordinating rosebud bloomers.
Julie is our foundation bitch.
Kathi is surrounded by a hazy glow.
Meaghan is shown sitting in her belt positioning booster seat.
Morgan is fast becoming one of the best white wine makers in the country.
Nicole is picking up trash on the beach.

First results...
Anna is lovely.
Bonster is steamy.
Brandon is way off.
Chelsea is a very effective lea.
Emma-Jane is a gold member.
Holly is reopened.
Hoppy is hot.
Julie is her name.
Kathi is equal to. (?)
Meaghan is soooooo cool.
Morgan is currently sold out.
Nicole is tv's Hindenberg.

More interesting...
Anna is a "calendar girl" in cat fancy's 2002 and 2003 year.
Bonster is making all of this up.
Brandon is in prison and does not have access to a computer or the internet and has never seen this site.
Chelsea is doing well after surgery and is feeling more comfortable with all the other dogs each passing day.
Emma-Jane is the uk's favorite brand of maternity underwear.
Holly is believed to frighten off witches and protect the home from thunder and lightning.
Hoppy is sleeping in a little iron bed on the first floor of the family home on Smith street.
Julie is embroiled in a fight against city hall regarding leaf blowers.
Kathi is a published crossword puzzle writer.
Meaghan is being strapped into a helicopter to support us with her portable cannon.
Morgan is building a winery.
Nicole is available for private sessions.

Alias Bonus!
Bonnie is a medium sized bear who is very cute.
Coolie is half Jamaican and thus grew up with the sounds of traditional Jamaican reggae.
Garby is an assistant pastor at the Jesus is Lord church.
Golly is dressed in red and white striped trousers.
Lisa is tenderly licking the sexy buttocks. :-0
Mo is to ultimately rule the world. (!!!)
Scooter is defective.
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