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Brandon: I think I had a dream a couple weeks ago that I came in the chat and Morgan and Kathi were here.
Morgan: Oh no, that was real, Garby.
Morgan: You were drunk.

Morgan: I wouldn't say no to him being inside my horse.

Morgan: I have an app from someone chick named Bonster!
Bonster: Oh my gosh! Really!?
Bonster: that's shocking!
Morgan: YES!
Morgan: What a weird name!
Bonster: It is unusual!
Morgan: Maybe it's not even a chick.
Bonster: It might not be!
Morgan: It's kind of an androgynous name.

Anna: Ack! Edit Pad disappeared and it had my converted orgasm...

Emma-Jane: you kiss your moth with that mouth?

Julie: I feel more productive when wearing "real" pants.

Meaghan: I just took a bite of Toblerone and some went down my shirt.

Meaghan: the world is just filled with stupid people.
Emma-Jane: Yes
Emma-Jane: Being less stupid is a curse!

Morgan: I sometimes wave to you guys even though you can't see it.
Nicole: I flip you guys off since you can't see me
Anna: I sometimes hump you, even if you can't feel it.

Bonster: Why am I not wearing underpants?!

Brandon: Oh yeah, I wish I had boobs as big as yours. I'm an AAA cup

Julie: what happened to your font?
Morgan: It matches his penis size now.
Brandon: I was about to say the same thing about your boobs, LOL
Meaghan: oh snap
Brandon: I'm not even kidding. I was typing "It's as small as Morgan's boobs!"

Brandon: My peen got bitten off in 93'

Brandon: what if i did buy for my personal site? would you guys visit often?

Bonster: I've been to a donkey baseball game and a wedding/rodeo where they got married on donkeys

Brandon: :o I think I accidently just invited my grandma in the chat.

Brandon: boob

Morgan: Does Scottish count as British?

Bonster: fucking Texans

Julie: I'm the #22 toilet paper owner
Julie: I need more.
Julie: MORE!

Bonster: help my pants grow!

Emma-Jane: we can't trust a scooter and a pervert

Nicole: Mentally, i'm happy i'm up, physically i'm just dead
Nicole: but that I chalk up to the attacks making me tired
Morgan: Or the intense, long hours of exotic dancing.
Nicole: well there is that

Emma-Jane: I KENW IYT
Emma-Jane: LOL
Emma-Jane: SO HAVE YOU
Holly: And that sentence made it look like I have been too.


Emma-Jane: well I always say that the best parties are the unplanned panties

Emma-Jane: Is this like the cheap man's crotchgroin or what?
Holly: Thta's not even a good imitation for the crotchgroin.
Emma-Jane: I know
Holly: That's the homeless man's crotchgroin.

Anna: Yay. A whole folder of Dick!

Meaghan: I was listening to the song Loser by Beck
Meaghan: and it reminded me of Garby

Holly: We're all whores, I think.
Emma-Jane: we are
Julie: we definitely are
Emma-Jane: but good quality whores
Emma-Jane: we're like companions really
Holly: Oh yeah.
Emma-Jane: and cotwwsb is our guild

Holly: I have a gender now!

Meaghan: you can't trust customs
Morgan: I read customs as condoms.
Meaghan: you can't trust those either.

Holly: E-J crazeeeeeee
Emma-Jane: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah am not
Morgan: Are so!
Bonster: E-J nutso, it's a fact-o!
Emma-Jane: not so
Morgan: Bonster lame-o.
Emma-Jane: *blows rasberrries*

Bonster: my wang is limitless

Holly: I was being a pain yesterday.
Julie: you?
Holly: *It

Holly: I also really enjoy Stupid 60. Not as much as Bonster and Mo but it's very good.
Julie: ...
Julie: Stupid 60? Loving nickname or typo?
Holly: LOL, typo ;0
Holly: An interesting one.
Julie: yes
Julie: you should think about how you *really* feel about "Stupid 60"

Nicole: yummy. i'm having baked haddock for dinner
Morgan: Okay, I read that as headcock.

Bonster: I'm so glad I'm gay.
Bonster: I would miss out so much drooling if i weren't.

Hoppy: the moral of this story is don't make promises you can't keep
Hoppy: especially if it pertains to boobs

Nicole: i'm pantsless again
Chelsea: :-0
Bonster: good to know!
Julie: it would just be easier if you told us when you do have pants on
Chelsea: That's what Morgan smelled earlier
Julie: smelled?
Bonster: ew
Chelsea: LOL!
Nicole: wtf?

Bonster: is it wrong to think that Madame Hooch is kind of hot?

Chelsea: I'm naked

Bonster: god i love the bathroom

Bonster: oh fuck me marsey dosey oats

Brandon: Call me strange, but I'm a Keith/Veronica shipper.

Julie: man, I feel weird. I think it's from having my mouth propped open for over an hour.

Bonster: a weinie! yummy!

Anna: ooh. I got Dick!
Anna: And yes, I am going to tell everyone.
Brandon: Dick a fanlisting or you had sex recently?
Julie: lol
Julie: Scooter gave her Dick, apparently it's contagious
Bonster: LOLOL
Brandon: LOL, wow
Brandon: That sounded really wrong.
Julie: or there are some cotwwsb secrets so dark I don't even want to know them

Brandon: Weiners in my fish bone soup!

Holly: My car Boris doesn't like closed doors either.

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