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Bonster: I'm watching the Alias eps from last week. At last.
E-J: which ones is that?
Bonster: I've seen this one before! the one with Nadia's birthday.
E-J: I'm watching it too
Bonster: whoa
Bonster: really?
Bonster: LOL
Bonster: awesome!
Bonster: that's so random!!
Bonster: shared brain Alias viewage!
E-J: I know!
E-J: that's so cool
E-J: Where in the ep are you?
Bonster: they're having the family dinner and Arvin is proposing the toast
Bonster: and Jack was all 'the world will end, soyes, get a hybrid'
E-J: he's proposing a toast now on my TV
E-J: *dies*
Bonster: LOL!!!
Bonster: that's INSANE
Bonster: that is so freaky!

Morgan: I took a quiz on TheCW site for which CW woman I am most like and I got someone from One Tree Hill.
Bonster: I'm so sorry.

Nicole: I acidentally ruined my dick so I need to get a new copy

Morgan: And people must be hair, he's going through a breakup.
Morgan: And good riddance.
Bonster: be hair?
Bonster: fair?
Morgan: fair*
Bonster: LOL
Morgan: Oops.
Bonster: That made it a whole different sentence. That made no sense.

Holly: The scared brain is mostly awesome. But then we get shared pain. Which is alot less fun.

Brandon: My escort name is Jasper Belafonte

Brandon: That will be my motto.
Brandon: Jasper the Friendly Escort: Here to service your sexual needs.

Brandon: I was just thinking, maybe when I get enough money, I will step up from whoring to being a professional escort. I would go by the name Dante.

Brandon: Why is the girl from Golden Girls in the COTWWSB Stamp of Approvals? LOL
Brandon: Betty WHite
Brandon: White*
Morgan: Because Betty White is awesome.
Morgan: Duh.
Bonster: Yeah, duh.

Chelsea: I just dropped an M&M down my shirt :-(
Chelsea: *goes hunting for it*
Chelsea: I can't find it, I think my boob ate it

Holly:The crtchlight skin is hilarious though.
Holly: I so wouldn't have noticed if you hsfn'y told em

Bonster: Imagine Wentworth narrating as Logan flies

Bonster: Botster
Bonster: oh man
Bonster: and how do you know I'm not a robot?
Julie: We need a page with the adventures of MoBot and Botster
Julie: you can be like the transformers
Julie: and you can combine to become MoBotster
Bonster: LMABO
Julie: and fight Meaghatron

Julie: (4:43:44 AM): if you were a robot, I'd name you Botster
Bonster: (4:43:45 AM): if I were a n00b, I would so feel pressure to say funny things so I'd be quoteable.
Julie: wow
Bonster: okay
Bonster: we made similar statements
Bonster: similar grammatical statements
Bonster: that's... weird
Julie: similar, and yet totally different

Julie: sometimes, we stay up way too late and no one else is in here and we go a little more insane than usual, don't you think?
Bonster: lol
Bonster: I think so.
Bonster: I think think so, that is.
Bonster: we rule the UNIVERSE
Bonster: mwahahahahaha

Meaghan: pfft
Meaghan: she out-evils me
Emma-Jane: well you're evil ha-ha, she's evil blah
Bonster: indeed
Bonster: her evil is lame
Bonster: and unfocused

Morgan: I am naked underneath my panties and upper shoulder boulder holder.
Morgan: Those which, by the way, do not match.

Holly: But I was an amusing Leo layout.

Julie: um, yes

Morgan: My nose is in the future.

Bonster: I like being crazy.

Emma-Jane: ha I've been looking for my glasses for 10 mintues
Emma-Jane: they were on my nose
Bonster: oh, E-J. Sweetie. LOL
Emma-Jane: i was scratching my nose and was like WTF is on my nose?
Emma-Jane: then it dawned one me and I felt awfully stuc
Emma-Jane: stud
Emma-Jane: STUPID
Emma-Jane: bwhahaha
Emma-Jane: too^piud keyboard

Hoppy: there's nothing difficult about Hoppy
Hoppy: it's what a bunny does

Ih8cotwwsb: does ne1 luv me?
Meaghan: no
Emma-Jane: NOPE
Meaghan: not even your parents
Morgan: Your mom?
Holly: No.
Julie: Jesus, maybe
Hoppy: (3:42:50 PM) but not Bono
Meaghan: (3:42:51 PM) Bono thinks you're an asshole though
Holly: (3:42:51 PM) Bono doesn't love you.

Morgan: Meaghan, guess what.
Meaghan: (5:46:09 PM) chicken butt?
Morgan: (5:46:10 PM) Not chicken butt.
Meaghan: doh
Meaghan: well I don't know then

Julie: I can smell your crunkosity

Julie: yeah, even witty and quotable people aren't "on" all the time
Julie: me, for example

Nicole: Avez-vous jamais dansé avec le diable dans le clair de lune pâle?

Holly: I was wondering why it was so quiet.
Holly: And then I realised I hadnt signed into AIM.

Bonster: I'm so very gay.

Morgan: But ______ happens in the next one!
Bonster: LOL
Bonster: oh my god! ______!!!
Morgan: YES! And then with the zipper!
Morgan: And the aliens!

Brandon: I only buy bras with crocodiles on them.

Anna: I don't care if it kills my dial up, my crotch will be SINGING!

Bonster: you wouldn't boink a blow up dolls armpit. Or maybe you would.
Meaghan: I suppose some people would

Nicole: I am not dancing with a stripper pole

Nicole: i'm wearing pants
Bonster: how dare you?

Anna: I think my underwear are very happy.

Bonster: you can get disturbing fanfics from Furries
Holly: I don't want any furry fanfic though
Bonster: who does?
Holly: Furries, mostly.

Morgan: Julie really is a whore.

Nicole: fuck pants. Pantslessness PWNS

Meaghan: Joss wins an Oscar and says "Finally, I would like to thank the girls who run Holly, Julie, Meaghan, and Morgan."

Morgan: Someday we should speak in caveman all day until it gets old two minutes after we start.
Meaghan: Mo silly
Meaghan: me talk that way in real life
Emma-Jane: idea funny
Meaghan: idea good
Emma-Jane: me like
Meaghan: me like
Julie: me eat pizza
Julie: pizza have onions
Meaghan: me not know what wear party
Morgan: Glasses dirty
Emma-Jane: onions make cry
Meaghan: me want stay home
Julie: onions too sweet pizza taste like candy
Emma-Jane: party good
Meaghan: party bad
[ ... ]
Julie: Mo suggest caveman speak 13 minutes ago
Julie: we no get bored fast
Meaghan: caveman chat fun
Meaghan: too bad so long
Meaghan: make good quote
Julie: lol
Meaghan: longest quote ever
Julie: very long quote

Bonster: pickles distract me

Bonster: Meagharoo, I really like your av.
Morgan: She isn't here.
Bonster: that's a good point

Bonster: if you think about it, Jennifer is a weird name

Bonster: ugh, can you get to this site and then do a ctrl-f for the word cock?

Bonster: I am getting chili all over my face lol
Julie: LOL
Morgan: Belts are awesome!
Morgan: I just walked into a wall.
Bonster: Belts are a cruel trick of the universe.

Julie: god bless the PickleVator

Julie: I cried for SIX hours
Julie: but I'm better now
Nicole: I cried for SEX seconds
Nicole: SIX*
Nicole: shit

Julie: eating this powder made my headache go away!

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