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Morgan: People ask me, "Morgan, what do you bring to the group?"
Morgan: And I tell them, "I bring the awesome. And sometimes scans. But, mostly the awesome."

Chelsea: you should watch supernatural
Chelsea: in the nude

Nicole: Bonster! I need your expertese
Nicole: expertise
Nicole: whatever
Nicole: I need help

Nicole: when I can't find Brandon I shake a hooker and he comes running

Morgan: I have pizza sauce on my face.

Meaghan: the good old hockey game is the best game you can name
Nicole: Meaghan stop being emo!
Meaghan: and the best game you can name is the good old hockey game

Bonster: and literlay 1337 if we we wear 1337 trousers (but trousers spelled the 1337 way lol)
Bonster: it gives the intrinsic effect 1337n355
Julie: literlay? lol
Meaghan: did you just say literlay?
Julie: is that like, gentle littering?
Meaghan: what literlay is, in fact, is chips with no trans fats.
Meaghan: Liter Lays. see?
Julie: I was reading that as liter, like a two-liter
Julie: or litre to you freaks
Meaghan: eff u
Meaghan: I thought of lite, like lite beer.
Julie: of course, I read litre as lee-truh
Meaghan: or lite Lays.
Bonster: lol
Meaghan: well, if we were French you'd be on to something.
Julie: maybe I am French
Meaghan: I think you are just on something.
Julie: maybe I believe in pronouncing things the proper French way
Meaghan: maybe you're just a dick!
Bonster: *snort*
Julie: I call myself zhulie
Bonster: she ain't no sausage!
Meaghan: zhu-LEE
Julie: yes
Julie: I insist you call me that
Meaghan: okay
Bonster: lol
Julie: I do hope you are pronouncing Coolie as French as possible
Meaghan: ku-LEEE
Julie: indeed
Bonster: cool-ee-eh
Meaghan: more like ku-LI
Morgan: You all just made me spit milk on myself.
Meaghan: my name is actually pronounced Throat Warbler Mangrove.

Nicole: I have to go to work. I'm late
Nicole: but this isn't over skank
Brandon: okay!
Brandon: I hope you get written up!
Brandon: have a good day :D
Nicole: Love you guys!

Morgan: I have peanut butter on my face.

Holly: I have a 6 inch mentor!

Nicole: What's better than a 6" Orlando Bloom?

Meaghan: Bono wouldn't fart on me
Meaghan: Bono loves me.

Julie: she fucks up everything with her poison boobies
Meaghan: I wonder what her bra size is. hahahaha
Julie: she has no need for that, braless, half-shirt wearing biotch!

Julie: I get fucking angry when shit goes retrograde

Julie: I'd rather have crack than food

Brandon: They have Jesus Christ listed normally. I was looking under Christ, Jesus.

Brandon: Clay Aiken isn't crunk

Julie: I'm married to a polar bear and a gay man! I need change!

Bonster: oh dammit
Bonster: just choked on pickle juice
Meaghan: LOL
Bonster: I feel like i'm having a stroke LOL
Meaghan: awwww
Bonster: damn you for making me laugh whilst eatin mah pickles!

Morgan: The top comes off of mine so I could store stuff in it if I wanted.
Meaghan: like weed
Julie: you could put your weed in there!
Meaghan: lol
Bonster: LOL
Morgan: Oh dear.

Julie: We don't want to be ridiculous.
Meaghan: no, we wouldn't want that

Anna: I love spaghetti up my butt.

Julie: After more consideration, I think I'm going to go with Ashanti.

Meaghan: I am happy to accept the title of honourary American
Julie: you Canadian bastard

Julie: I love Julie Andrews
Nicole: me too
Meaghan: me too
Meaghan: she's grointastic

Bonster: aww, the apollo space program roxored.
Meaghan: if you say so
Bonster: it did.
Bonster: so there.
Meaghan: I said I believe you
Bonster: you said if I say so
Bonster: that does not imply you believe me
Bonster: merely that I said something
Bonster: lol
Meaghan: I meant to imply that I would take your word for it
Bonster: this is a ridiculous conversation

Julie: I should make an Illyria code [for your fanlisting]
Meaghan: ooh
Meaghan: and a Joss code!
Julie: she will do violence if you aren't a fan
Meaghan: if Joss were a fan of me that would roxor
Meaghan: lol
Meaghan: she'll make a trophy of your spine
Julie: I think it's only fair that since we run his fanlisting the least he could do is join ours.
Meaghan: lmabo
Julie: LOL
Meaghan: (at 7:14:02) we should totally link to our fanlistings from so if Joss ever happens to see it, he can join them.
Julie: (at 7:14:09) we should put a special notice saying that and linking them for him...
Julie: shared brain

Brandon: wtf, I'm sitting here reading the chat and trying to change the channel but the channel wouldn't change. And I couldn't figure out why, and it was because the TV wasn't on.
Bonster: LMAO
Brandon: The was probably the dumbest thing I've done all week.
Holly: LOL
Meaghan: probably?

Bonster: Peter Falk shot me to death in a dream once; I haven't been able to watch Columbo since.

Brandon: All of my quotes are about my ball! People will think i'm some sort of perv.

Brandon: I had a dream last night that my ball started working again. It's still broken.

Holly: I applaud your genuis.

Holly: I love my bed.
Nicole: I love your bed too

Nicole: don't judge me and my squid pr0n

Morgan: We were on the freeway and there was this VW Beetle and hanging from underneath it the owner put two balls.
Morgan: I laughed when I saw it then we saw who was driving it and he was old and creepy.
Morgan: Really, who wants a creepy old guy putting testicles on his car?

Julie: I'm actually having children just for the purpose of breeding them to make me grandchildren.

Nicole: I PWN
Nicole: sometimes I amaze myself with my awesomeness

Julie: oh, a whole Jesus gallery!

Holly: aww, poorn Bonster
Holly: ... okay, that was an interesting typo

Bonster: So... I'm Batman, I'm Spider-Man, I'm Harry Potter, and I'm Bonster.

Julie: I need an iPot

Morgan: I'd like to find somewhere to ride a mechanical bull this summer.

Bonster: If I were living right now in the late 70's early 80's, I would so have Henry Winkler/Ron Howard as an OTP.

Nicole: our Dicks match!

Bonster: brb
Julie: baa
Holly: weeeeeb
Bonster: back
Brandon: brb
Bonster: weeb, Coolie!
Brandon: back
Holly: weeeb!
Julie: weeb!
Brandon: ty!
Bonster: weeb!
Brandon: ty!

Brandon: I found out that the problem with my ball is that the inside is just dirty. So I'm trying to use a toothpick to clean it.

Brandon: I'm going to fix my ball once and for all

Brandon: And no can do, I'm afraid my ball is busted.

Brandon: if i unplug my mouth and then plug it back in, i wonder if my ball would work.

Brandon: this is more than my mouth can handle. And believe me, my mouth has taken a beating before, but never like this.

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