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Brandon: Okay, I found out that my ball only works if i push it up.
Brandon: If i try and go down with it, it doesn't work.

Holly: I enjoy doing CPR on the crotchgroin ;-)
Julie: I don't think that's called CPR, Holly

Meaghan: you h0r
Holly: I don't like you anymore.
Meaghan: well I hate you
Holly: Well good
Meaghan: if we were Xander and Cordy we'd start making out now.

Holly: See, my typos are all perfectly natural and perfectly me.
Bonster: no cosmetically enhanced typos
Holly: I don't believe in costmetically enhancing my typos. They don't need it, they're brilliant in their natural form.

Bonster: I say often "Bitch whore rapist!"

Bonster: haha Hippie links to crotchgrion
Bonster: groin even
Morgan: Crotchgrion LOL
Morgan: It sounds like a really inappropriate French entree.
Bonster: LOL
Bonster: it does
Morgan: I don't even want to know the ingredients.

Morgan: Making Garby pay for the hotel room? $60 a night.
Morgan: Making Garby pay for the condoms? *insert price here*
Morgan: Making Garby pay for bail? $200
Morgan: Paying him in food stamps? Priceless.

Brandon: I just did a "What kind of drug are you?" quiz and I'm cocaine. you are cocaine. addictive, expensive and confident. expensive!
Bonster: expensive = LOTS of food stamps
Morgan: And yet you get paid in food stamps.
Brandon: Nope, i only except cash now
Nicole: monopoly cash
Brandon: CAAAASH
Holly: accept, Garby. You don't take Mastercard anymore?
Bonster: Garby is apparently not priceless.
Morgan: I was going to do a little thing like the mastercard commercials and start listing things like motel rooms, bail money and condoms but I have no idea how much condoms cost.
Bonster: bwah. I don't know either!
Nicole: Brandon! How much do condoms cost?
Morgan: Garby, how much do condoms cost?

Brandon: semi-flat cock?

Julie: once I burnt off some of my eyelashes on my right eye. That taught me how to hold a lighter!

Brandon: I had a dream last night that I was 400lbs and just finished being a cast member on 'The Real World' and they were showing a clip of the season to
Brandon: come and it showed me all pissed off screaming "Who ate all the fucking peanut butter?!?!?"

Meaghan: please don't poop in chat

Morgan: What are you watching, Meagharoo?
Meaghan: Calgary vs Anaheim
Morgan: And that's where Gina Torres is removing Ryan Phillippe's pants?

Meaghan: why is Gina Torres taking Ryan Phillippe's pants off? That's all I want to know.
Bonster: She may not be home for half an hour or more! :D

Julie: I should get back 2 that
Bonster: you just said '2 that'. I think I just lost some respect for you.
Bonster: rather, 4 U.

Nicole: only Bonster could emo about the smell of Italian dressing on her pickles

Nicole: If I ever have a daughter I want to name her Aeryn
Meaghan: me too! lol
Meaghan: I love the name
Nicole: omg
Nicole: our daughters will be like WTF?
Meaghan: LOL
Meaghan: and we'll be like "cotwwsb *high five*"
Nicole: they'll be in their lil COTWWSB: TNG chat and be like "god damn crack"
Meaghan: LMABO
Nicole: and we'll be in COTWWSB: TOS
Meaghan: hahahahahahahahaha
Nicole: and we'll be snickering at them
Meaghan: and our grandchildren will be in COTWWSB: DS9?

Nicole: i'm off like Brandons pants when offered food stamps

Julie: I do love ringed seals. TASTY

Bonster: Bondage and eating babies and boy!kissing, that's me in a nutshell.

Bonster: screw you, Spider-hippie!

Nicole: I'M EJWISH!

Nicole: sometimes I just wanna go asfdjagdshls;f;vsljkjklsa
Nicole: feels good

Bonster: north korea is on waaay too much crack
Bonster: they would be the od'ing crackwhore of world!fic

Morgan: I thought when you said mofos you said nachos and I got hungry.

Bonster: I don't know why I find babies being eaten so damned funny. I probably shouldn't. Oh well.

Brandon: you tried to frame me using a penis!

Julie: I do not want to see muppets in sexual situations

Julie: I would marry Scorpius and have his 1/4 Scarran, 1/4 Sebacean, 1/2 human babiez

Bonster: I'm a Canadian hillbilly! Ph33r m3!

Hoppy: we must have been too high with crotch love to be using our heads straight

Bonster: crotches roxor.

Julie and Bonster (joint quote): That's Mister personal Jesus you Rick James wannabe Howard-Humping-Humphries Christ son of God our Lord and almighty savior on a wheat thin on a pogo stick hopping over a bog whilst eating a pie and singing the national anthem into a tape recorder while doing jazz hands with a fiery passion for the forbidden dance blazing behind his black as coal eyes underneath his furry eyebrows on his way to the grocery store to buy milk.

Bonster: I'm an image polygamist.

Morgan: Let's get pissed and watch porn!

Brandon: Everything around the devil's dick is fine for me though.

Brandon: Burritos seem so much bigger when you are intoxicated.

Holly: I'm not a big fan of birds. They're all.. flappy.

Morgan: Some woman stole a sheriff's SUV cruiser and is taking it on a high speed chase.
Morgan: She'd better finish before All My Children.

Morgan: I might start thinking of you when I burp, Scooter.

Morgan: I prefer dwarf porn.

Nicole: i love burping

Bonster: I would ungay for Vamp Xander.

Julie: Julie T. Boobieflash is my professional name

Julie: pirates don't give a crap about kosher status

Kathi: You know, I heard that in the new sims expansion pack, robots will be able to be made and they can woohoo!
Kathi: I was all ooh someone could create Data and he could finally get some!
Kathi: and have robot babies!

Bonster: zomg, I knew it! Plant slash!
Holly: :-o HOW DID YOU KNOW?!
Bonster: Shared brain! mwahahaha.
Holly: *cries* You're figured out my dirty secret.
Bonster: You should have a aim av thing and have it have a plant on it. And not pot, as that's less funny than a regular potted plant.
Holly: *giggles*
Bonster: It's okay. *whispers* I totally read it!
Bonster: *giggle*
Holly: My otp is so oak/cedar.
Bonster: *shakes head*
Bonster: Mine is Blackjack/Weeping Willow.
Holly: *giggles*
Bonster: with maybe spruce thrown in.
Bonster: and OMG. No one beats the Larch for angst.
Holly: They so don't. Ivy gets close, but Larch is so angsty.
Bonster: absolutely. And god. How bitchy can those cottonwood trees be?
Holly: They could be more bitchy, but only a little bit. Nothing beats redwood for whining though.
Bonster: Amen. Redwood suxors.
Holly: Totally. Redwood does not get the cotwwsb seal of approval.
Bonster: *dies*

Nicole: Jupiter has 17 moons
Julie: Jupiter prefers to call them his bitches.

Holly: COTWWSB: Making people hungry one member as a time.

Brandon: The smell of cinnamon makes me feel sparkly.

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