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Julie: Kojak: Nipples of Steel

Morgan: I pick Bonster over a whore any day of the week.

Brandon: well i am going to sign out of here and try some new stuff, probably be back in a while lol
OnlineHost: Brandon has left the room.
Nicole: i wonder what he meant by new stuff
Nicole: i think he's gonna try and download porn now that he has fast net

Brandon: My tits hurt.

Brandon: My left hand hurts for some reason. I guess I've been working it to hard.

OnlineHost: Morgan has entered the room.
Morgan: I knew you would do that!
Brandon: LOL weeb!
Morgan: If you want, you may eject me for your birthday.
Brandon: I robbed you of your room powers, muahahaha.
Brandon: LOL, yay!
OnlineHost: Morgan has been ejected from this room.

OnlineHost: Bonster has left the room.
Nicole: uh oh. she's gone to put a shirt on

Brandon: My phone cover smells funny.
Brandon: I told that to Chelsea and she said "Ewww, i don't want to know why."
Nicole: .........
Brandon:So i told her I turn it on vibrate and then when someone calls, I rub myself with it.

Julie: For the record, I do not like weenie juice.
Bonster: I do not either. Even though I run the fl for sausage.

Brandon: It makes my groin hurt when you type like that!

Morgan: I rejected you. For Puddle Jumper/Gate.
Bonster: true. Well. With one flaw, my record stands LOL.
Morgan: Though really, there should be a fanlisting for that relationship.
Bonster: there should be. The gate really likes to cuddle with the PJ.
Morgan: The penetration. The wetness. OTP.
Bonster: Hear hear!
Elise: what penetration?!
Morgan: Because the Puddle Jump has to go through the gate to get back to Atlantis.
Bonster: weeee it has to fit just right
Elise: and he penetrates? *doesn't get it*
Bonster: hit the sweet spot
Morgan: And the gate is water-y. So, wet.
Holly: I'm trying SO HARD not to laugh
Morgan: The Puddle Jumper is a space ship.
Bonster: the puddle jumper is shaped like a log/phallic symbol and the gate is round and open and the jumper fits just right
Morgan: Like sex.
Bonster: to make it all the way
Elise: *dies*

Nicole: we should make a cotwwsb movie one day
Julie: yes
Nicole: omg we could have a scene where we have a block party and someone sets their weed garden on fire accidentaly and we all get the munchies
Nicole: and brandon talks about wieners

Brandon: lol, i do not have bitch tits

Kathi: *burp*
Brandon: *queef*
Nicole: wait you can't physically do that
Kathi: he can't physically queef? thank god, lol
Brandon: if i put my mind to it i can
Brandon: Willy Wonka once said "nothing's impossible"
Brandon: So if your telling me I can't queef, that's a big fat lie.

Nicole: i work at a real job for my crack. i don't whore myself for it. i whore myself for dvds

Brandon: I cant believe Morgan quoted my wiener
Brandon: quote

Meaghan: Joss pwns
Holly: he does
Holly: this is why we love him
Meaghan: yes
Meaghan: imagine if Joss didn't pwn
Holly: that would be totally wrong
Meaghan: life would be so different
Holly: it would be. Imagine life without Buffy.
Meaghan: if Joss suxored, we wouldn't have applied to adopt his FL from Emma, and the Uber!Buffy would not exist.
Holly: And therefore cotwwsb wouldn't exist
Meaghan: my god
Meaghan: it's a good thing Joss doesn't suxor
Holly: it really is
Holly: everything would be so different
Meaghan: life as we know it would not exist without Joss
Meaghan: he really is god-like!
Holly: he really is!
Meaghan: weird
Holly: Joss makes everything happen. He's a catalyst for good things.
Meaghan: it's true
Meaghan: wow
Meaghan: I love Joss!
Holly: Me too

Meaghan: bowel movement, Holly
Julie: I have never thought these things
Meaghan: Bowel. Movement.
Holly: I see
Julie: you're just asking to be quoted

Morgan: We have a very keen eye to noticing crotch-y things.

Julie: basically, I'm totally hyped up on crank

Julie: I only post artful nudity

Brandon: Yep, I always have wiener on the brain.

Meaghan: The thing about Julie is you can never be sure where she's been. However, I'd still take her over the wieners.

Julie: I'm a very friendly person, but if you cross me, I will cut you.

Emma: I find Paul McKenna's voice really sexy
Emma: it really is though! just the way it sort of goes really deep and almost vibrates, LOL
Emma: it sends a shiver down my spine

Holly: yes, I share a name with Jesus

Julie: that smiley is so grotesque
Holly: it is
Julie: it looks like it has several STDs
Holly: It looks like it has a deformity on its face
Julie: you can just tell it's a whore

Holly: it's probably just a type
Holly: *typo

Julie: I'm like a leper

Brandon: next time we have to send money to each other, send it someway different. Paypal charges a lot. I don't care if we have to smuggle it through a horses ass.
Nicole: bwahaha!
Nicole: i think we can find an easier way then shoving cash up an unsuspecting horses butt
Brandon: true, but the horses reaction may be funny
Nicole: if you'd like i can put money in a strippers g-string and send them to you
Nicole: less painful. more fun.
Brandon: oh that'll work!

Meaghan: Emma Watson is 15! She's not even legal in Britain yet. and they have very low standards

Nicole: where the hell did Brandon come from?

Meaghan: I am obviously a French Canadian werewolf

Hoppy: We all do dumb shit sometimes. It's how we keep ourselves from being TOO proud of ourselves and becoming overly egotistical. Hee.

Brandon: i'm cheap, i only like free weed.
Julie: yes, never paying for it is good. because then you don't risk getting caught buying drugs, and it keeps you from smoking too much.

Holly: I'm trying to work out who my Staff FF is
Holly: SS*
Brandon: lol i havent gotten my gift yet
Holly: me either
Holly: but Meaghan told me that my person has mailed my gift
Brandon: oooh neat
Brandon: i should ask her if my person emailed mine
Brandon: Meaghan knows who everyones SS it? LOL
Holly: yep
Brandon: i wanna know if my person emailed mine!
Holly: LOL, emailed
Brandon: mail* doh
Brandon: i'm very sleepy obviously
Brandon: MALED*
Holly: yes
Brandon: omg
Brandon: mailed*
Brandon: there
Holly: lmao
Holly: *pats Gary*
Holly: Garby*

Brandon: Me and Elise have decided to start calling socks 'feet condoms'

Morgan: I'm not sure that's a very Jewish thing to do, Scooter.
Nicole: what? own a Buddy Christ?
Nicole: i just need to keep all my bases covered just incase this Jews don't go to hell thing doesn't pan out

Emma: yomootow is a good day
Emma: otherwise known as tomorrow


Nicole: it'd be funny if one of us broke off to pursue a solo career
Meaghan: (at 9:49:31 pm) I think Holly should do that. Her tympani solo album would be very avant-garde
Julie: (at 9:49:35 pm) Cat Shirt should leave and release a solo concept album
Julie: lmao
Julie: random shared brain
Meaghan: omg
Nicole: lmao!
Meaghan: that deserves to be preserved just for its randomness
Julie: it could be called "Feline Top" by Cat Shirt
Julie: 12 tracks of pure timpani solo
Meaghan: hey, I'd buy it
Julie: me too

Hoppy: I'm afraid that will mean the terrorists have fun
Hoppy: have won
Hoppy: not fun
Hoppy: *headdesks*

Nicole: Jesus loves you, but Bono thinks you're an asshole.

Holly: I once password protected a file with all my passwords in it but I forgot the password to that file

Julie: I revel in my h0rishness
Holly: yeah, we're h0rs but in a good way
Holly: we are not sux0ry h0rs.
Julie: we are r0x0ring h0rs

Julie: Hoppy is the genitals of COTWWSB. So if she disappears ... lol

Morgan: I was about to say I smell tacos and then I remembered that I was eating tacos.

Morgan: Come chat! We're talking about Mexican prostitutes! And drugged out roosters named Jesus. Come on now. How could anyone resist that?!

Julie: This game makes my brain hurt!
Holly: Mine too, Coolie.
Meaghan: Mine too. doh.
Holly: It's your game!

Morgan: I'm far too picky to be a prostitute in Mexico. I need things clean.

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