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Brandon: i think i'll be a male stripper when i get older.

Brandon: someone should post on cotwwsb that we had our first three way on thanksgiving!

Brandon: Sometimes i pick my belly button!

Hoppy: oh dude, some naked british dude in a bathtub
Hoppy: public television rules

Nicole: i usually chat in nothing but cowboy boots and chaps
Nicole: but that's for another story

Morgan: I really ought to remember I have ice cream in my pocket before I sit down.

Brandon: beastiality is my middle name!

Brandon: Does Dick do sex?

Morgan: I can shower with Juan McOso!

Nicole: i always wondered why they say "holy" shit. did the pope bless it?

Meaghan: it is starting to freak me out that you're writing porn about me.
Julie: I'm so not!
Julie: I'm *generating* porn about you.

Morgan: Garby decided to call me Captain Morgan since that's what he drank tonight. My new slogan is Captain Morgan - All the fun without the hangover.
Julie: LOL
Julie: can we set sail with you and never leave dry land?

Brandon: oddly enough, most of my spelling si better when i had some to drink
Brandon: when i have some to drink

Julie: kroners sound funny, like they should only be used to buy cheeseburgers

Meaghan: I saw a radioactive mosquito on my windshield once.
Meaghan: it bit me and I became Womansquito.
Loren: With special blood-sucking action?
Julie: what exactly are your powers?
Meaghan: of course
Julie: the power to make people incredibly itchy
Meaghan: well, I can make people really itchy.
Meaghan: don't forget bumpy
Hoppy: your weakness is giant blue buzzing lights though

Hoppy: hoppy brain is scrambled
Holly: I think we're all confused
Holly: Maybe the drugs have a shared brain effect
Hoppy: well, that would make sense
Hoppy: between golly's drugz and scooter's crack, the brain is in trouble

Holly: well, a side affect of my drugs is confusion
Holly: side effect
Julie: word usage confusion?
Holly: all types of confusion
Hoppy: at least you know sentences you should have subjects and verbs
Julie: you're not like "drugs me confuse!"
Hoppy: coolie, you just realized your example did have a subject and a verb?
Hoppy: or did you realize... not you just realized

Hoppy: grass stains or death, i take the grass stains

Hoppy: funfortunate seems like it should mean something
Hoppy: like when bad things happen to other people and we laugh at them, it is funfortunate for us
Loren: I remember one time, in school, a boy tripped on a ball and smacked his head on the pavement. He was bleeding and teachers ran over. Everyone started laughing. That was funfortunate.
Loren: I, myself, was horrified. But the others got a kick out of it.
Hoppy: that is the EXACT meaning of funfortunate
Julie: once I accidentally stuck a knife up my nose while chopping carrots
Hoppy: if we had been there, we might have laughed at your funfortunate accident
Hoppy: accidentally?
Hoppy: why was your nose so close to the carrots?
Julie: yes, I can't really explain

Loren: Imagine that tombstone. He fell through a veil.
Loren: the end.

Julie: and I was really confused. I didn't remember muppets in Safe
Hoppy: it's in the "lost scenes"
Hoppy: simon heals a wounded muppet while river reads it's mind
Julie: best mental image ever
Hoppy: really the villagers didn't mind so much that she could read the kid's mind, but the muppet thing FREAKED them out
Julie: River "I sense... you want... cookies."
Hoppy: because muppets don't have minds
Hoppy: and now there needs to be a River/Muppet manipulation
Julie: The Tams + Cookie Monster 4Eva
Hoppy: *mutters* hands of blue... me want cookie...

Hoppy: i'm going to buy and make that my fanlistings collective

Bonster: The universe is not making me happy!!

Morgan: It's like the owl post but with birds!
Morgan: Okay pretend that statement wasn't stupid.
Brandon: I don't get it.
Morgan: Owls are birds.
Brandon: oooooooh.
Brandon: I thought they were penguins.

Holly: maybe it's meant to be a dollar sign sideways
Hoppy: so he's eating money?
Holly: yes
Hoppy: well, that makes PERFECT sense then
Holly: I knew it!
Hoppy: who doesn't love eating money?
Holly: I don't know anyone
Hoppy: it's good with toast and bacon
Holly: I prefer it with pancakes
Hoppy: i have yet to try it that way, but perhaps tomorrow i will

Brandon: The part that really grabbed my attention is the poking of the butthole

Elise: who is miranda?
Holly: Don't worry.

Holly: haha, apparently a side effects of my new drugz is confusion...
Meaghan: you need more confusion like ... I don't even know.
Holly: lol, I know
Holly: this could be bad
Holly: however! I can now blame my confusion on teh srugz
Holly: *drugz
Meaghan: buahahahaha
Meaghan: *adds to quotes*
Holly: lol
Holly: I'm getting quoted a lot today!
Meaghan: well you keep saying odd things
Holly: Well, I can;t help that.
Holly: It's the drugz!

Holly: by the way, I've officially changed my name to Aragorn
Hoppy: like legally, Holly?
Holly: no, just online

Meaghan: consitensy?? what the fuck is that?

Hoppy: we are awfully bootylicious
Julie: groinolicious infact

Loren: they just arent ready for the cotwwsb jelly

(edited out the many instances of LMAO, LOL and ROFL)
Hoppy: i've seen dick
Nicole: *stares at hoppit*
Hoppy: well, i have seen dick, scooter!
Meaghan: hey Nicole
Meaghan: I've seen dick too
Holly: I've also see dick
Hoppy: coolie owns dick
Meaghan: actually, it got removed
Holly: coolie loves dick
Hoppy: yeah, but then i gave dick to coolie
Nicole: i haven't seen dick
Meaghan: you can't let dick control your life!
Meaghan: no it got removed again!
Holly: but she let dick get removed
Hoppy: well apparently she doesn't love dick enough
Hoppyt: i guess i should have given dick to someone else
Hoppy: *is hurt that nobody loves dick enough*
Meaghan: Hoppy, I think you should re-give Coolie Dick, even if she doesn't apply. because that would be funny.
Hoppy: i didn't even notice dick got removed
Hoppy: but, i think i will have to give coolie some a fake dick
Meaghan: I bet she would get dick up this time if you gave it back to her. O:-)
Hoppy: she'd open her e-mail and be like, "Surprise! You've got dick!"

Bonster: Screw you, hippie!

Hoppy: the secret language of HTLM
Meaghan: hyper text language of moron

Hoppy: Yoda totally defriended her ass.
Hoppy: "Defriended you, I have."

Hoppy: i type like monkey
Loren: Hey, Monkeys type like you wouldnt believe
Hoppy: if you give them enough time
Loren: They will type accurately, smoke a cigar, AND pick their asses at the same time
Hoppy: i don't have that kind of talent

Nicole: Jesus is on my wishlist

Hoppy: Porn is really the most unspoilable genre of film/television... it always ends the same way

Julie: I'm really not sure you can get much geekier than comparing your new PHP development partners to sci-fi characters.

Julie: boioioing
Meaghan: pow!
Julie: bleeeech
Meaghan: cha cha cha
Nicole: screeeech!
Meaghan: whizz
Julie: whoooopwhooopwhooopwhoop
Nicole: beep beeep beep beep
Julie: mooooooooooo

Brandon: I have a Pegina.
Julie: you should call it a Venis. That's more womanly.

Nicole: I'm smooth, satisfying and will give you lung cancer and harm your baby.

Elise: then I have HQ weed
Loren: high quality weed, lol
Elise: Er, I mean HQ Weed pictures
Elise: dammit
Elise: Weeds!*
Loren: pass me some of that hq weed, man

Julie: just wear loose pants, then, because of the beltlessness, you will probably become pantsless and you can pretend it was an accident

Julie: manboobies < Mischa Barton's boobies < boobies

Hoppy: that's basically the whole point of the internet, clicking on boobs

Julie: I think I might can do it.

Hoppy: yeah, i'm herpes free and lovin' life, man

Brandon: i don't think penises smile.
Morgan: They may not smile but I think you can tell when they're happy.

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