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The wittiest and most remarkable words ever uttered by us in chat. Ph3ar what we say for we pwn the written word. Below are all of our quotes, but you can also browse by name.

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Hoppy: omg, i must ask jesus why the hat doesn't like me

Hoppy: i'd pee on you if you ever really needed it

Hoppy: do you think we could tour around as EYETWINZ ?
Holly: I think people would be interested in the EYETWINZ
Hoppy: though technically, with Ewan, we are EYETRIPLETZ, but he has his own lucrative career
Hoppy: we need the money more than he does
Holly: Yes, he doesn't need the EYETWINZ money
Holly: However, if we were EYETRIPLETZ I think more people would come and see us
Hoppy: but he could make a surprise guest appearance every now and then as the bastard EYETRIPLETZ


Hoppy: I often have a relationship with myself, so I don't see the problem there.

Julie: people might think we are just bitchy bitchy bitchy but really we just like nakey pics

Elise: Aw, I don't have a quote in the quotes section of crotchgroin

Julie: I used to want to be one of the Boxcar Children
Julie: they made hobo life seem so fun

Brandon: Eep it's weird having someone who i dont know talking about my testicle.

Kathi: I love teh cotwwsb. It owns my rainbow toe socks. Yes.

Julie: I do aim for my sites to have maximum crotchability.

Brandon: There are more good pictures of Freddy Krueger than there are of Mischa Barton.

Hoppy: ok, it's highly possible that i am extremely awesome right now

Bonster: all hail to crotchgroin!

Hoppy: i do not currently have anyone's hand up my butt, so i think that's pretty cool

Meaghan: I have no icon which expresses the emotion "you are stupid."

Julie: *googles "gothic polar bear"*

Julie: it's grointastic.

Julie: "Dipplerhaven is now satiated. Where is the jelly?"

Loren: *takes happy pill* I can smell colors!

Nicole: i'm not hip to hax0r speak

Morgan: Peanut butter should come in a box.
Meaghan: I think the box would get greasy

Meaghan: you can't poke someone with someone else's groin!
Hoppy: you can too!
Hoppy: in theory

Hoppy: i wonder if we can break the record for saying crotch the most times in one night

Julie: I'm more of a crank whore

Meaghan: I hate crackwhores.
Meaghan: wait ... I am a crackwhore ...

Bonster: I'm Bonster.

Meaghan: I find your lack of astropants disturbing.

Nicole: it's my crackwhore secret identity
Holly: the resident crack whore
Nicole: hey! why suddenly did you have to separate the word whore?
Holly: I'm not sure
Nicole: this screenname makes me want to punch myself in the face
Holly: you should do that then
Holly: and then have more crack
Nicole: *cries* you want me to punch myself in the FACE?
Holly: *is sekritly evil*
Nicole: secretly my ass



Emma: I thought there was an actual kind of transport called a "bum ride"

Brandon: Why would a deaf person be watching American Idol?

Nicole: lorro i was thinking about you today!
Loren: When DONT you think of me?
Nicole: when i'm off my crack

Nicole: well once i get my crack in me THEN i'm a happy nicole

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